Just a few thoughts (about Justin Amash) before Impeachment Day

...I keep seeing that Justin Amash regularly slashing GOP egos on Twitter.

I'd love for him to be one of the Impeachment Managers (Nancy, did you get my tweet? You have Schiff, Swallwell and you need an extra couple, right? ).

Justin Amash is my new 'Trey Gowdy' of Congress.

My husband:"He is very right wing. You would not like his policies. He wants to repeal Obamacare."

Me:"Ok, but I don't want to marry him."

I tried with Jim Hymes 'cos he is kind of cute in a nerdy Clark Kent sort of way, but he is a major wet fart (wet blanket in 'American English').

Justin Amash, however, slays at every opportunity.

Amash is on the correct side of history. A man of integrity even though he may be a bit of a right wing asshole (like Gowdy) who recently changed party affiliation (he's an 'Independent' now) 'cos he does not want to be associated with Trump. Ultimately, unlike McConnell & Co, Amash does not want to get on his knees f… tough, but I passed with 85% (B+)

With an eye over to Christmas and one back to the rest of 2019, I cannot believe I got this far this year. Three semesters in college, accrued 36 credits in one year and I should soon find out if this autumn semester was also a festival of As.

Summer was spent attending an intensive maths remedial class, four days a week, no was a slog. My husband could not believe I'd do it that way instead of taking a 4-credit maths class during the semester. No, I am strategic. It's all about keeping that GPA clean. So, final overall result for maths: B+ (85%). Maths is like going on a bike -- you either keep that brain supple constantly supplying it with cubic equations, variables or tracing those (-8, -2) cartesian coordinates or it will forget how to apply its logic. I used to think I was shit at maths. I was just out of practice.

Starting the real path to a different future. I'm diving into Philosophy from spring. That's going to be my major. And either Theater Arts…

Don't have much time to write extra stuff these days...

...College is keeping me busy.

Just started an online course, 'Fundamentals Of Speech' for three credits this summer (only six weeks). 'Introduction to Theater' for an extra three credits also starts tomorrow as well. Will study those two until July 9th. Then, I will focus on the remedial maths' course (#ShitAtMaths) that will go on until Aug 23rd, after which I will have to take the Maths admission test again (LOL!).

In the meantime, I finished my first semester with a 4.0 GPA - that's because the five classes I took - English Composition, Political Science, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Philosophy have nothing to do with Maths. Got an 'A' in each. Even Philosophy! Nearly fainted when I saw the final score! I sent a rambling email to the professor and didn't hear back. Sometimes (not often) I wonder how I must come across when I email these professors. I don't think I have ever fallen in love with a subject before, but Philosophy is my soft s…

Falling in love is fun!

Whether it is with your own spouse all over again or someone new, falling in love is fun.

Love hearing stories of friends and whoever else will share theirs.

Wait. I may be married, but I fell in love with Bernie Sanders in 2015. What can I say - I have a soft spot for strong, witty, passionate and dangerously benevolent Lefties with integrity (I'd add modern Marxists in there)...bullshit artists, there are many. Dweller in the White House, anyone?


Mrs PP

Joe Biden is uninspiring

That's all.

No, wait. There's more:

Yeah, I could not resist...I am not a fan of those who hold fund-raisers at Comcast VP's mansions when they know that Citizens United has not been a step forward for DEMOCRACY.

Mrs PP

One Nation and the NRA caught with their pants down - should journalists continue to expose these massacre lobbyists?

The answer is YES.

The media needs to continue to work using whatever methods necessary to get to the truth.

Whatever methods are ethical and moral, that is. Unlike James O'Keefe's Project Veritas which presents itself as a bastion of reality, but is a sensationalist cesspool of badly edited (s)hit pieces.

Anyway, here's the article on the One Nation / NRA investigation care of Al Jazeera.

Mrs PP

Bernie Sanders's tax returns are hot shit

Who would have though? The Vermont Senator's tax returns have become as hot as Trump's these days with both sides getting their knickers in a twist over the fact that he has not released them. And with 'both sides' I mean Republicans and Democrats (here is a bipartisan consensus if we wanted one!).

On Face The Nation earlier today, Sen. Sanders promised he would be releasing them soon. Good, I am glad. Mainly, cos it's important for me to know that transparency is still Bernie's main trait. 

Just as a sideline, he's always been the poorest member of Congress and I doubt things have changed that much, even with those couple of books he has put out since he ran in 2015. And not because I value poverty over financial success. On the contrary, I don't know anyone that would prefer being poor if they had a fair chance at amassing wealth. Literally, myself included. But it is because amassing wealth for the sake of it (like a great chunk of the 1% and lower hav…