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Fascinating and vomit-inducing subject at the same time

More fascinated by the scientific studies dedicated to such vomit-inducing subject: I am currently feeling more sick than usual. It is PMT time so every man for himself. Miss Pee

Mastodon, Lamb of God, Metallica in Zurich, in the company of a young buddy...

The last few days have been hard-going. Partying is serious business. From Entombed and Rotting Christ in Genoa where I hung out with the Roadrunner Inchiavabili, Barbara and Elena and the might ISIS in Turin with Corrado, Stefano, Barbara and Elena again, I have hardly had a moment to catch my breath. So, I was kind of looking forward to hanging out with 23-year-old Marcin on Thursday - skinny-dipping in Genoa. However, the lovely Masto fashion guru, Lou The Genius got me a couple of tickets and passes for the Mastodon, Lamb of God, Metallica show in Zurich, so Marcin and I ended up in Switzerland on Thursday night. I went out on a semi-date with Marcin on Friday last week that turned into a proper date. We hung out until 10am the following day. I ended up telling my mum about him cos I returned home on Saturday morning with a huge love bite on my neck. Marcin was mortified. I was entertained. And requested him to stamp my neck with a few more of different colours and sizes &quo

Down rip Turin a new bum hole whilst I do my best to throw the dirty Shroud in a local washing machine!

Not usually big on religious relics, I have been excited about visiting the Museum of the Sacred Shroud for a few days now. Mainly 'cos historical remains fascinate me. The lovely Barbara from Roadrunner got me in touch with one of RR's street-teamers from Milan, Stefano and we set off at half 10 in the morning. A carpenter by trade, 20-year-old Stefano is a huge Slipknot fan. He grew up with them, he told me on our hour-and-a-half car trip to Turin. The main reason for the trip was to see Down live last night and hang out with Barbara and Elena from RR. During the day, however, Stefano and I walked around Turin, ate ice cream, chatted about music and visited both the Egyptian Museum and the Sacred Shroud. Considering we had never met or spent so many hours together before, we didnt end up clawing each other's eyes out. (here with Stefano after nine hours together - not bad) The Egyptian Museum in Turin is the second biggest in the world after the Cairo Museum. Never

Getting ready for Down in Torino and a tale of synchronicity...

I have heard from Barbara from Roardrunner IT about Down live in Torino on Wednesday and a festival in Genova on Saturday. She's sorted out guest list and got me in touch with friends who are driving over so I can get a lift. A totally different way of doing things over here. It seems like the peeps in the music industry over here are so amazingly friendly. Very grateful and so unexpected. Another person that is so awesome is Nelly The Biatch Liger in the UK and Holly Van Hagar in New York. These girls are some of the toughest bitches in the industry as in they are such pros at work and yet they are so generous to their friends. I am a lucky Biatch to know them. But that's enough sentimentalism for one blog. Back to vomiting over my tits and calling everyone an asshole now. I visited Torino when I was a kid in secondary school and would love to go back to the Royal Palace cos I have such a great memory of it. Plus, I'll take this opportunity to visit the Egyptian Museum th