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The Kerrang! Awards at The Brewery - Part II...the aftershow of the aftershow!!

Back at the coveted Kerrang! Awards ceremony. A bunch of bands got their awards and Masto Brent sitting next to me confided that he liked them ALL (that included Placebo). I was so impressed when Alice in Chains got on stage to pick up the Icon Award that I have no idea what they said. I bet vocalist William Duvall mentioned he was just a hired gun and was stoked to be part of this legendary band. He needs to come up with a new script. He's been in the band a few years now, hasnt he. A huge fan of their dirgeful tunes, it was exciting to be around them. Without them noticing me in the slightest. Alice In Chains pick up their Icon Award at the Kerrang! Awards (pic by Pamela Steuri). Somebody whispered that Slipknot's Corey Taylor got an award for the shortest vocalist with the largest neck. Who could have such clarity of mind at that time of night? It was only 8pm though I doubt anybody in the room was still sober then (we do tend to believe others to be a reflection of ou

The Kerrang! Awards at The Brewery - Part I...

The day of the Kerrang! Awards. Exciting. Masto Brann gave me the choice of going to his hotel and getting in a cab with the band or turning up at The Brewery at 18:15 so I could walk into the K Awards venue with them. I opted to meet them at The Brewery and managed to get there five minutes too late. They had already gone in. Luckily, the lovely Emma from Warner came out to give me the ticket and I queued up to get the wristband. In front of me, the guys from Alice In Chains and behind me, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. Awkward. Once inside I bumped into Marco, Lacuna Coil's bassist. A slice of home, awesome. He and Mouse entertained me with their Italian slang about picking up chicks. Somehow they explained that Italian women are tough to get in the sack but once they give "it" to you, it's worth the wait and hard work. Here with Marco from Lacuna Coil As I chatted to the Lacuna Coil boys, Mike Inez from AIC came out for a cigarette. I went a little st

Sonisphere festival, 2nd Aug - $200 haircuts, Alice in Chains, Mastodon, Lamb of God and the rest!

I slept on the floor in a room I shared with Nelly, Silvye and Nina at the Holiday Inn in Stevenage. I wore my back ache with pride on Sunday 'cos I was still high on Sancho from the day before. Excited about the more metal proposition on the bill that day and looking forward to seeing Chewie meant that I only had one meal that day: breakfast. Who needs to injest food to generate fuel when your adrenalin reserves are in overdrive? I had no idea what to expect from Chewie that day though I was looking forward to seeing him. As Nelly and Nina went on to work, Silvye and I made our way to the site in a very leisurely fashion. First person we bumped into when we got there was Masto drummer, Brann Dailor. Gosh, always a pleasure, Brann is fun to chat with and whilst he went off to sort some stuff out with his tm, Silvye and I made our way to the big stage to watch Killing Joke. The show lasted 30mins but it was ace. Jaz Coleman still resembles a nepharious man of the cloth notwithst

Sonisphere festival, 1st Aug - High on Sancho (aka Coheed and Cambria)!

Major boner all day due to the fact that Nelly and I would be seeing Coheed and Cambria live again - together. When we got to Knebworth, however, we were welcomed by the news that Sancho had missed their ferry from mainland Europe, they'd be late, had to be bumped off to a smaller stage and that was in case they made it to the site. PANIC! One of the reasons I came down to Sonisphere in the UK was to see Coheed and Cambria. So, Nelly took it upon herself to check the band's dressing room at regular intervals. In the end, they turned up, got to the vip artist bar for an interview with Channel 4 and Nelly grabbed them for a quick photo opportunity. Nelly and I with Mic, Travis and Claudio. I stood between Claudio and Mic. Too hot. I could have had a chat with them but I went miserably shy. What a twat. The lovely Coheed manager, Blaze snapped away and the band ran off right afterwards to get ready for their performance. Shame. I wish I could have chatted with bassist Mic Todd. I&