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2010 - I am ready for a change...again!

After a year during which I moved continents, didnt live in the same place for longer than three months and went through more experiences than in the previous 38 years crammed together, I am ready for a change. Hear me, Universe?? A change!

No doubt it might just be due to Uranus' scraping against my natal Moon (in Pisces in my 7th House), I have never felt so "out there", outspoken and uncompromising as I have done this past year.

Living in New York has certainly injected something extra up my butt as I threw caution to the wind and did things that I would not expect any of my friends to understand:

I went on 23 dates with men whose age ranged from 19 to 66 (the latter was a jokey blind date though);

None of them amounted to SHIT;

Liar. Around six of those I had sex with;

I spent the longest time with my family since 1988 (three months) and got close to them all over again;

I spent time with my beloved grandmother - she is the best;

I hung out with my brother quite a b…