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Drum-off in LA on Jan 8th - Billy Cobham, Tommy Lee, Jason Bonham, Chad Smith and more...

After much back and forth about budget, I flew to LA to cover this event for Rhythm (and escape from the New York cold). Truth is, I just cannot say no to a handful of drummers. From fusion legend Billy Cobham and lanky rocker Tommy Lee, to esoteric prog guru Danny Carey and funk monster Chad Smith, I knew this would be a great event for anybody that got a kick out of cheering at grown men smacking heads without landing in jail. I feel there is something very peculiar about humans with abilities that allow their separate limbs to hit different surfaces while following a pattern that makes the rest of us want to shake our booties. When Red Hot Chili Peppers / Chickenfoot's Chad Smith gets behind the kit, for example, I find it hard to stop my own booty from shaking. And that's even before he's begun hitting those skins. Tool's Danny Carey and Brann Dailor from Mastodon were booked to inject some prog into the equation. And indeed they did. Drum stories, pictu

Soundgarden reunited...

...I remember them back in the day. They played in London a few times and I got to see them. When I interviewed him for Tinitus a few years back, John Pettibone from Himsa told me that he used to see Kim Thayl at various gigs in Seattle and that as a respectful dude that he is, he always used to buy bands' merch. Trivial stuff but it was exciting to hear something (anything!) about the guitarist of one of my favourite bands growing up. Plus, I remember John also mentioned that Kim was jamming with someone and that maybe that would get some exposure soon. Well, with Soundgarden back together, everything else will obviously take a backseat. So, Soundgarden at Sonisphere? Time will tell. I am certainly keeping my fingers crossed. Pee xx