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Crying during the Anvil movie and Hair the musical on Broadway!

I have not laughed so much as I have done in the last three weeks. I seem to find myself embroiled in entertaining situations that I cannot describe here. Still, I went out to see Rock City Morgue on Thursday night with Wolverine, the guy who snogged me by the bar at the Charred Walls of the Damned release party. Cool night, plenty of laughs even though I bumped into Louisiana Fag Boy who was friendly enough but just reminded me why I dumped his arrogant little ass last year. Bless him. I was too busy squirting vodka in Wolverine's mouth to give a shit anyway. Wolverine suggested that we watch the Anvil movie together the following night, so we hung out again on Friday night. I was warned the film might move me to tears and indeed it did. I have been left with a deep need to hug that guitarist Lips. Maybe one day. Anyway, fun times with Wolverine. Aside the alcohol squirting that has become a trademark of our time together, we also ended up having a pillow fight. Got up early

Hail, Charred Walls of the Damned and disgraceful behaviour by the bar!

Been keeping on the straight and narrow for ages. That means, going straight edge, especially at a metal show. I prefer to be an observer these days... Holly, also known as the "Cherub of Defenestration" for her unorthodox ways invited me to see the Hail show at BB Kings last week. That's the "super group" featuring Ripper Owens on vocals, Mike Portnoy on drums, Dave Ellefson on bass and Andreas Kisser on guitar. They had a revolving door of guests performing certain songs - Frankie Bello, Bobby 'Blitz' and Chris Caffery. As a metal cover band, Hail certainly showcased Ripper's eclectic vocal style. He might not have sung AC/DC covers as well as Bobby 'Blitz' did but his delivery on Pantera material was surprisingly fabulous. After the show, Holly took me backstage to say hi to these guys who she has known for a while since she works with the American oracle of metal - mr Eddie Trunk on his Sirius classic rock radio show. Unfortunately, s