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Ace Frehley rocks a sold out Nokia Theater!

Up until last week, I was adamant that I wouldn't be attending this gig. I tend to shun most mainstream metal stuff and they dont come more mainstream than KISS and derivatives. However, had I missed this sizzling show I'd have kicked myself in the chest today. Known as much for his inspirational playing as his partiality for all things fun but bad for your anatomy, original KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley filled the Nokia Theater in New York up to the brim last night. Opening act, Acey Slade's band whose name escapes me right now was energetic if a little visually passe'. Acey and his ghoulish team were all smoke and no meat or potatoes though the highlight was a good cover of The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary". Top marks for that, Acey! There were jokes going around that Ace Frehley would still be at the bar when the intro music would come on and someone would have to get him out of the bar and push him into the venue. This is due to the fact that in his l

Puscifer live in New York - can Maynard James Keenan do anything wrong?

Describing the Tool vocalist as an intriguing figure is hardly ground-breaking. Anybody with a veil of understanding for esoteric subjects would agree that Maynard James Keenan and his bunch of merrymen, Tool are a lot more than just a bunch of average rock musicians. Flirting with the hidden sides of life is common ground for such folk. Words such as "anima", "third eye", "forty six and two", "indigo children" and so on might not resonate with our least intellectually sophisticated neighbours but they are part of Tool's everyday jargon. I wouldn't be surprised if they chewed divine DNA for breakfast. Yet, away from their arty and lofty endeavours, Tool can be extremely down to earth. Vocalist Maynard James Keenan chose to indulge his wittier side in his latest musical project, Puscifer. A clever pun on female genitalia's perilous attributes, maybe? Either way, his third sonic outfit, without taking anything away from his musical tale

Moby joins Bee Gees metal cover band Tragedy for their last show ever!

Thursday night was a long one. After the Dillinger show, I hung out with a bunch of mates including the Season of Mist team that crossed over the Atlantic to see their new signing's performance. Plus, James Galus, Emily Lazar and a few other friends joined us in the band's miniscule dressing room, we drooled at the sight of the new album's box set and then we went off to this restaurant next to the venue. Not content with that, we walked to Niagara and then Manitoba, a couple of bars in East Village. By the time I got home, it was five in the morning and my head felt like it had been run over by a tractor. I achieved very little the day after but by 6pm, I was ready to do the party thing all over again, this time at the Bowery Ballroom in East Village. The mighty Jew Beard that is James Galus invited me over to see Tragedy, the best Bee Gees metal cover band in the Tristate area (according to their guitarist) and without even stepping inside the venue, I was introduced to

Dillinger Escape Plan destroy Irving Plaza in New York!

The huge pool of opportunities that is New York meant that sooner or later, we would have to be faced with tough decisions in terms of which gig to attend. Thursday, 11th March saw the Big Apple host Soulfly, Prong, Shrinebuilder, WASP and the Dillinger Escape Plan at different venues. I opted for the only band that can promise to give you whiplash live and went to the Fillmore to see Dillinger. Aside a couple of interesting support bands whose names escapes me right now, Darkest Hour did their best to warm the crowd up for what was to come but it was hardly enough to prepare us all for the headliners' reckless display of sonic genius. And when it comes to The Dillinger Escape Plan live, you can rest assured that they will never allow audience time to warm itself up to anything. The black eye experience starts from the word GO with those guys. The new stage lights hanging from the ceiling conferred a vaguely sinister atmosphere to the proceedings, yet it was guitarist Ben Weinma

Lust in an elevator...and Bang Tango.

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of buildings without an elevator in New York. So, while Wolverine lives in an edifice which could do with having one as his apartment is on the fourth floor and we could get busy 'Aerosmith style' before reaching his place, I live on the first floor in a building WITH a lift. Go figure. So, NO lust in an elevator for us right now unless we choose to go all the way up to the 8th floor and back to the first - in my building. Still, there are diverse ways to entertain yourself over here in New York. For example, finding out what a band like Bang Tango has been up to since...1986. Held at Webster Hall (a venue off Union Square that usually holds 500 people but barely managed to accommodate 15 glam fans and their unfeasibly gigantic hair dos that night), the Bang Tango show was shockingly good. With their emaciated, under-dressed bodies, glam rock fans are best known for their interest in swallowing most band member's knobs than any

Seminar on Norwegian metal and culture - details!

It is taking place in Scandinavia House somewhere in Manhattan on Thursday, 29th April from 7pm. Details here: Guests confirmed: Harald Fossberg - entertainment journalist Aftenposten (+ original Turbonegro vocalist) Nocturno Culto - Darkthrone Gaahl - ex-Gorgoroth, Trelldom, Wardrune. Music and spoken word from sane and insane folk. Don't miss it! Miss Pee xx