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Norwegian metal and culture seminar in New York - a view from the inside

I have been busy doing a variety of things in New York this past year, one of which was writing the outline and some chapters for a book on Norwegian metal and culture. Kyle Reinhert, the arts and culture councillor at Scandinavia House in New York asked me to hold a seminar on the subject which took place yesterday, 29th April. I was expecting to present my side of the story to about 20 people so when I got down to the auditorium at 6:50pm, I was shocked to see that the place was full - over one hundred people and a Labrador. I wish I'd taken a picture with the dog cos seeing the short-haired buddy in the front row made my night! I had devised this seminar to run like a tv/radio show, with video and audio clips, images, Powerpoint slides and four video links with Norwegian musicians and an entertainment journalist. Kyle Reinhert was fabulous as he helped me greatly, nothing was too challenging for him but not being a tv / radio producer meant that a lot of the stuff that needed

It's raining black metal assholes! Halleluja!

It must be that time of year. That's when your attitude attracts assholes. And right now, I am a magnet for them. Soon after dropping Wolverine and his memory like a sack of shit, having resigned to the fact that the guy I thought was pretty fucking awesome was actually a douche bag of the best kind (and as Banksi would say "I dont mean that in a good way"), I get this daft comment on the Norwegian metal seminar's event page on Facebook: "I have spoken to Nocturno Culto and he knows nothing about this. He will not be there." So I replied with this: "Hey Audrey, I am glad you're policing my work. You must be Norwegian ;) The guests will be there via Skype link, we have done a tech run-through today which went nicely. If in future you feel like communicating something which has to do with what I am doing and you are not entirely sure of, send me a private message, thanks!" After checking her Facebook page, I realised that it was from none other