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Devin Townsend bends it like bender at NYC's Gramercy Theatre!

I'm rushing out to a meeting right now but will sort out details about Devin Townsend at NYC's Gramercy Theater later on. Fast-forward six hours and here's the whole story about last night. First of all, kudos to Frank Godla from for sorting me out on the list yesterday. They do a bunch of really cool things on that site, including filming metal bands live and arranging showcases aside usual stuff like interviews and news.  Devin Townsend by Erich Saide First band on the bill - TesseracT - is the new Century Media signing. They're a bunch of dirty Brits causing monsoons with their hairy skull-spinning antics, unashamedly worshipping at the altar of Dream Theater, Coheed and Cambria and (oddly enough) Linkin Park. They are for prog fans who appreciate a melodious tune. If you're into black / death / meat metal, look the other way. These are the thinking fan sonic crumpet. Check them out, here's a video for your masturbatory shenanigans:

Hugh Cornwell (ex-Stranglers) sets NYC on fire

My relationship to The Stranglers has always been rather neutral. Mainly cos I always felt their tunes were a bit too simple for my prog-hungry eardrums. Am I an infidel? However, after I listened to the interview that Diane Farris did with Stranglers vocalist Hugh Cornwell on her Kamikaze show on WFMU(.org) yesterday, I decided to attend the live show. I guess I was charmed by the way he ended the interview as Diane gave him the opportunity to say something extra about himself to his fans - "Don't take me seriously...I am single...just be frank with me." How of him, bless the dirty Brit.  The Stranglers - British decadence at its best. Got an email from matey Jake Szufnasowski in connection with the Devin Townsend's show on Thursday and as I mentioned the Cornwell gig, he ended up adding me to the Mercury Lounge's guest list for the show - with a +1. What a fabulous geezer. And rather hot, too. Mainly cos he has no problem with disrobing in publi

Independent foreign films - send your favourites this way!

I have been mad busy working on a bunch of projects. While promoting the latest Mortiis album, 'Perfectly Defect' in Europe as a joint venture with Miss Barbara Francone under the Nee Cee Agency banner ( and getting some features in Kerrang! and Bizarre (in the UK) amongst others, I have also been developing a new website that deals in independent foreign films. The twist of it I am not at liberty to discuss cos it will be rather an exciting one once we begin promoting the bloody thing out there. However, to that effect, I am currently sourcing some indie films that I want to feature on there and if there are film buffs out there who want to put forward a title or two for me to check out, feel free to send me an email to The main languages are: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. However, I am also willing to consider Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Indian films. Korean will be good, too though not a priorit

And the last one - Tinitus listeners meet the Unholy Alliance bands in 2008...

...Trivium, Mastodon and Slayer. I guess nobody wanted to meet Amon Amarth then? See for yourself (though this one is in Norwegian, done by Tinitus' host, Kirsti Thisland Eggum). Pee xx

More old stuff from P3TV and radio show Tinitus combined - The Dillinger Escape Plan and...

...that naked photo-shoot for Kerrang! in 2007 to promote their third album, 'Ire Works'. They also discuss the return of Metallica (it was prior to the release of 'Death Magnetic') and whether they'd tour with the Bay Area giants would they ever get offered such highly coveted invitation. Pee xx

More old ints for P3TV - did Coheed snatch Pennie?

This took place backstage at the Hove festival in summer of 2008. Though it had been dealt with the previous year, I felt it was a subject that had not really been addressed by the media or at least, I'd not seen anybody from the media addressing it with Coheed. This is while Dillinger had talked about it freely and at length instead - for obvious reasons. So, I asked P3TV to get me some time with the Coheed guys and this is what happened... Pee xx

One last segment of that P3TV interview with PATD from 2008...

...we really squeezed the life out of that Ryan and Brendon discuss A&R Pete Wentz's input and whether they still looked up to him...Ryan came across like a bit of a cheeseball but Brendon seems very and see for yourself. Pee xx

An old int with Panic At The Disco for P3TV in 2008...

...this is at the time PATD performed at the Hove festival in 2008 and we are discussing unexpected fame and religion with Ryan Ross (who was still in the band then) and Brendon Urie. Enjoy. Pee

More old ints - Norwegian fans meet Panic At The Disco at the Hove Festival...

...this is fairly hilarious cos about 20 Norwegian, Swedish and Danish fans (all girls, no kidding) won a competition to meet those boys backstage at the Hove festival in Norway in 2008 and this is how it all turned out...bless them. Pee xx

Old but exclusive interview with Nightwish done for P3TV in Norway in 2007... was filmed in April or May 2007 and P3TV got a bit of an exclusive here as brand new vocalist Anette Olzon's voice had not yet been heard outside of the Nightwish camp. So I asked her to show us how she got the job. This occurred even before the single for 'Eva' came out. Enjoy. Pee xx

A Life Once Lost, Car_Bomb and This Or The Apocalypse at Club Europa last night!

I truly can't be arsed to write a full review today, so hung over and busy with a bunch of other sh...tuff.  A Life Once Lost - headliners at Club Europa in Brooklyn last night. However, I was pleased to get to see Car_Bomb for the first time at Club Europa in Williamsburg last night. My passion for their first album, 'Centralia' goes back to 2007 when I playlisted a couple of tracks off of it (one I remember clearly was 'Gum Under The Table') on a regular basis on metal show Tinitus on NRK P3. I was so enthused about that album that when I attended an Unearthly Trance show at this fucked up bar in Brooklyn two summers ago and I bumped into drummer Elliot Hoffman, I literally dragged him away from the live show to the sound of "Oh my god, are you fucking kidding me?!?!? Are you really the sick drummer in Car_Bomb?? We gotta talk now!!!" Then I texted the host of the radio show who was probably about to get up for work at that time (in Oslo - time differ

Who the hell is Chad Vader?

My fabulous friend Kristine sent me this link six months ago. I am still laughing. Enjoy. Miss Pee xx

Lightsabers, Stephen Colbert and watersports on the subway = another fun night in New York!

It is nearly 3am and I have just had a shower. I am tired, pissed and I look like Alice Cooper after a live show. I have to choose between reaching out for the wet wipes to clean the make up off my face or update my status on Facebook. I choose to do the latter - my pores can wait. Lightsaber = Star Wars = geeks = fabulousness I worked on my new translation site project earlier today, then went for a pedicure and a back massage in Park Slope (that'd be a posh area in Brooklyn). Dahleeng. I had planned an early night to prep for my early morning jog tomorrow but at around 7pm, things took a different turn. Because after that pedicure, my feet weren't ready to be encased in a pair of slippers that night. That'll be the fifth time I have been out in so many nights. I do not poop cash and I regularly jog in Prospect Park so this past week has been hard-going cos (I hope you understand algebra) "late night : early wake up call for jogging = drug hip hop baron : chilling

DD makes a Sleeping Biatch out of me

Sculptress extraordinaire, Deirdre Merrigan (aka DD), posted a message on FB to find a volunteer that would be willing to have a cast done of their face as part of her course. So I volunteered. DD checked whether I suffered from claustrophobia (ahem, not really), gave me instructions on what chemicals not to use on my face prior to the event and asked me to turn up make-up free. Between setting things up, slapping this stuff over my face, then using some extra material to make a cast of it and waiting for it to set took just over two hours.  Alien Biatch before DD put on the cast strips. I was not allowed to talk, smile or giggle while they (DD and her teacher) worked on me and when they showed me the cast, I was quite pleased as to how it looked like a dead version of me. DD is satisfied with the Sleeping Biatch's cast. I'll sleep when I'm dead type thing. Next - DD will clean it up and give it to me at some point. She mentioned that she could make extra casts u

The Royal Flush Festival presents: Kaiju Big Battel!

Last night, I witnessed one of the most ridiculous performances ever - Kaiju Big Battel. A modern conflict that involves extremely large creatures, Kaiju Big Battel first began as a video project by a bunch of students from Boston. That idea didn't take off so they devised another way to entertain nerds - a live performance that would parody both Wrestling and Japanese horror films. Most surreal stuff happening in the ring last night: a French Toast battling a Dust(o) Bunny.   Dusto Bunny...he looks like a cunt, not a bunny. I spoke to diehard and new fans last night and the bottom line about Kaiju Big Battel is: world domination. Ahem. Would I go back and watch another show? No doubt. After a hard day's work, this shit's necessary. Next - DD makes a cast out of this Biatch's face and elevates me to the same level as David Bowie (having an Andy Millman moment here). Miss Pee xx

Royal Flush Film Festival 2010 - Downtown Calling (docu film)

Currently in its fifth year, the Royal Flush Festival is New York's coolest and most eclectic entertainment event. Showcasing alternative bands and DJs, independent films and documentaries, plus odd performances and special signings, this week-long event offers the best of independent and underground art for the crowd that's hungry for diversity of content and purity of intent. With five hundred people in attendance, this year's Royal Flush kicked off with a signing featuring Rob Zombie and bandmates Joey Jordison and Johnny 5. Which I bloody missed. One of the most captivating docu films on show this year was Shaun Nicholson's 'Downtown Calling'. Narrated by legendary Blondie frontwoman Deborah Harry, 'Downtown Calling' chronicled the development of the diverse homegrown cultures that emerged from New York between the late Seventies and mid-Eighties as the Big Apple was teetering on the edge of chaos due to recession, crime and corruption. 'Do

A Biatch in East Village - doesn't have the same ring to it, does it....

...but it is happening. I am looking for flats to move in with my flatmate Jean from January 2011. So excited to be able to go out and not having to rely on the subway as much! Plus, it'll be fun becoming a Manhattan Biatch! Thing is, I loved living in Flatbush cos the flat is gorgeous - Jean and I even have our bedroom and bathroom - and while the neighbourhood is lovely and friendly, the whole area could do with some improving...and though I am only 15min away from Manhattan on the express train, when I get home at 2 or 3am, it can take me up to an hour and a half or so to get home. One expects more comfort in one's old age. But there are some sizzling experiences I would not have had, had I not lived here. Like the pool of blood covering the zebra crossing next to the subway station six months ago. Or the police cars swarming around as they cordoned off a section of Sterling Street yesterday...I mean, that's priceless shit. Oh and let's not forget the street pa

Serena Maneesh, 1349, Tryptikon and Susan - it's all about the Norwegian connection this week!

This week turned out to be my 'Norway appreciation' week. I met up with Helena ( on Monday to catch up and check out Norwegian (Christian) rock band Serena Maneesh. Trippy and proggie, it was a pleasure to see they're still as mental and self-indulgent as ever. Hilma Nikolaisen - bassist for Serena Maneesh (left) I got introduced to the giant female bass player, Hilma Nikolaisen (she must be at least 6'2") in 2004 by then Mayhem vocalist Maniac. We were all at Elm Street in Oslo but she didnt appear to be too happy to hang out there. She had a small baby with her and left pretty quickly after we exchanged a few words. On stage with Serena Maneesh she had a great presence and I was quite impressed at how she managed to play some pretty intricate stuff while she moved around like a maniac. Hope they can break the US market aggressively and maybe tour here a little more often. Wednesday night in New York, I got more Norwegian stuff thro

LA peeps, Diamondsnake and an Englishman in New York...

Aside working hard on a bunch of projects, including promo for the new Mortiis album, 'Perfectly Defect' that's coming out on Sunday next week (free download, watch this space!), I found time to argue with someone I know by telling him to go fuck himself or grow up. On a totally different subject, my friend Rei came over to visit from LA and we went out to see Diamondsnake last night. It was sold to me as a "fun metal" band featuring Moby, the singer of Bee Gees' metal tribute band Tragedy and Witch Taint guitarist David dude whose hilarious email correspondence with a Norwegian bm muso is out on the net. While I found the whole thing pretty witty, Rei and his NJ mate Tom soon grew tired of the vocalist's cheesy slapstick. At one point, I went out for a fag and bumped into two English guys. After they lit up my cigarette, we had a chat and I realised how much I miss the Brits' sense of humour. As our conversation took a very bizarre turn and our pu

Laurie Anderson's "Delusions" at BAM Theater in Brooklyn and other random stuff...

I have a very large sofa in the living room and I am currently sitting about a foot from the edge. Guess where my cat is? Curled up within that space between my right thigh and the same edge. She keeps pushing me with her back legs as she stretches, too. Cheekiness... Last week, Lady Di (aka Diane Farriss / Miss Kamikaze) invited me to see a play by Laurie Anderson. Held at the BAM Theater in Brooklyn, it was called "Delusions" and basically featured Ms Anderson and a sofa in the middle of the stage. I knew it would not be a stroll in the park. In fact, it was a collection of reflections on her life supported by odd visuals and sectioned by a selection of dirgeful violin / tuba / guitar / cello breaks. Excerpts from that: "I'm on a talk show and the host says 'I really like your new book'. But I didnt write a book. I go to dinner and there's a penguin on the table. I dont know whether he is dead or asleep. But in his mouth, there is a package for me.&qu