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Shock! Horror! Blasphemy! Metallica's new album to feature Lou Reed!

Having barely recovered by news of those global natural disasters such as the Icelandic volcano eruption, the earthquake in Japan, the deadly tornadoes in the southern States and the resignation of US congressman Anthony Weiner (due to 'unsightly bulge' envy mainly from his own party colleagues' part), the world was shaken by more outrageous news earlier this morning: Metallica announced that misery guts music legend Lou Reed would feature on their new album.  Misery loves company - Lou Reed will collaborate with Metallica on their new album. And nothing managed to mitigate such frightening report - not even news that Norwegian rockers Turbonegro have finally found a vocalist to replace what everyone thought would be irreplaceable - previous portly singer Henk Von Helvete. Englishman Tony Sylvester, however, made the grade and apart from running the band's UK Fan Club (so very 'Almost Famous'!), he was also known in the UK metal scene for being the gruff vo

Stephen Colbert and Coheed & Cambria free show at the Williamsburg Waterfront!

Been mad busy with writing the book and sourcing out pics for it... Stephen Colbert - the man of my dreams... But made time to go on The Colbert Report on my own (I only had one ticket) and as I sat on the front row and Stephen walked out running and slapping everyone's hand in the front row, I wished I'd turned around and bent over to get a swift spanking but I didnt fancy embarassing the Catholic comedian. Still, getting nearer to Stephen each time. Slowly but surely, next time I might just end up sitting on his lap Jane Fonda style... Coheed and Cambria - as they looked in 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered them. I had heard that Coheed were supposed to play a full show featuring their first album but I have been so busy these last few months that I thought I'd missed it. Until their manager, Blaze sent out a reminder about it. I arranged for a bunch of friends to hang out that day as an excuse to say goodbye prior to my trip to Italy. It was a free show so