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Slipknot headline the final day of Sonisphere 2011...

...and I only watched a few minutes of the online stream on the Sonisphere website. And this is what they looked like. Allegedly. Plus, I had to go check out The Answer at the same time...they were awesome! But what do you expect of Slipknot live? They were fab. I bumped into Corey Brennan, their manager, earlier in the day in the Artist Area but I didnt even bother going into the VIP of the VIP sections in there...mainly cos I was more interested in listening to Mastodon's new album, 'The Hunter'. Mastodon live at Soni UK on the Sunday... I'd bumped into Brann earlier in the day. In fact, his bum met my hands at high velocity. He was standing outside with his back to the media area so I run out there and slapped his arse with both my hands. After he recovered (from the mere ecstasy) I mentioned that I would have loved to hear the new album and he offered that he had the new unmixed version of it in his iPod so if I brought my own earphones, he could play it to me.

Metallica caught rehearsing inside a truck 15mins before their set at Sonisphere UK 2011!

Four of THE BIG FOUR: Kerry King, Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian, James Hetfield Friday's buzz was all about the Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax). The Media Area opened up at noon and nearly 700 filthy media mongers flocked in the Barns at Knebworth. I decided to spend the whole day NOT seeing any bands. There was a method to my madness. There was other stuff that I wanted to check out on Sunday (In Flames, Mastodon, The Answer, Bill Bailey) so I was happy to trade Friday for Sunday with the rest of the PR team that looked after the whole festival.  My Passion - they did not have to travel far to get to Knebworth Doing press with Herts based band, My Passion went smooth and general helping out of the rest of the NC team was a piece of me (Pee). The only odd thing that happened that day - I was on my way back from catering when Kirk Hammett walked past me holding a guitar. He walked onto this truck and someone drew the black curtains behind him. Metallica were rehear

Slayer! Metallica! Megadeth! Anthrax! Must be Sonisphere UK 2011!

Been in Europe since June 24th and too busy to update this much has happened and not only in my own head - as it usually does. You know that old adage 'what goes on in my head is more exciting than anything that goes on outside of my head' etc. Don't you? You should watch The Libertine with Johnny Depp then. The Libertine with Johnny Depp - let's start as we mean to go, shall we? I missed Sonisphere Italy on June 25th cos I was ill but I managed to make my way to the UK to work for metal PR co, The Noise Cartel at Sonisphere UK (held at Knebworth). I got to London and hung out with my friend Nina, her Italian boyfriend Davide and new addition to the family, Han Solo (a two-month-old Sphinx cat). The mega small moggie was poorly, Nina took him to the vet who prescribed him antibiotics and then bought him food and toys like she'd just adopted a whole shelter. By the time I went to bed that night, Han Solo's health seemed to have improved as he jumpe