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Just a quick one...

Image say that I have just read something online that made me barf.  Sycophants make me do this. Do clean up after me. I would rather not expose the cheese master behind the foodie feature but really?! If you really have to describe somebody's dinner, why not do it in a less sycophantic way. Give it some edge. Squirt some spunk over it. The willingness of some people connected to the music industry (high profile posts as well) to swallow as much cock as their throat allows truly never stops to astound me. I tend to hope they'll choke on those cocks but they dont seem to. Or at least, it might take them a lot longer to suffocate than I am prepared to wait and see. Fun night last night. Jesus Christ I got drunk and disorderly again after a couple of Vodka + Red Bulls. I am what most would describe as a 'cheap date' though not sure whether $14 a glass is anyone's idea of cheap. WTF is wrong with these New York venues. It's like being back in Oslo. Anyway