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Quantum Physics and Communication - let the Universe sort it out...

I recently expressed shock at the discovery that inane videos get the most views on YouTube (still so naive about my expectations of humanity).

As a confirmation of this, I give you a documentary on Quantum Communication I watched last night which barely clocked a few thousands of views.  That's cos it's tough to follow as it provides a scientific and metaphysical approach to the subject of our place in the Universe. In musical terms, this is the equivalent to Tool. In technological terms, this would be the equivalent to Steve Jobs.

 Not crap figures but compared to the 596,000,000+ views that the little Jeffrey Dahmer in the making who bit his young brother got on YouTube, it leaves me with a feeling of achievement. The higher your IQ, the less likely you will enjoy watching mundane family videos on YouTube.

Quantum Physics - not the easiest subject to get your head around but accept this as a challenge - turn off your iPod, your iPhone, ignore your doorbell and dedicate o…

A Christmas Carol 2011 - recession special

There is currently a vast amount of wars going on around the world. Not my style to wish you went and hugged a tree in your neighbourhood in order to propagate world peace. That's what Miss World is for. I would just like you to reflect on the way in which our universe is split over this issue.
World of Warcraft, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game devised by Blizzard Entertainment has garnered over 10 million users so far. So, there are over 10 million humans staring at a screen and twiddling knobs inside their own homes, taking on the role of heroes to fight an enemy in some graphically enhanced realm.

In a parallel dimension, however, just on the outside of the proverbial four walls, there is a movement called 'Occupy' that has been peacefully protesting, fighting, educating and even camping outside in order to try and make changes in the real world economy. Their efforts stretch to how governments' policies (or the ones who actually steer the vario…

Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity clip - featuring Jack Black

I have LOLed throughout. This Drunk History series is awesome.

Check this out if you haven't already:

Drunk History vol. 2 - Featuring Jack Black from Drunk History

Miss Pee xx

Watch Occupy Wall St on the live feed here!!

Amazing live stream of the protest going on along 7th Avenue in New York tonight.

Watch it here:

I will join those guys again soon.

Miss Pee 

Let's talk about Kim Kardashian's intelligence...

...or maybe not. I need to fill a 500-word blog here. Kim Kardashian has a big butt and a huge pair of boobs. And she's had the opportunity to show us that she's also intelligent but that does not seem to have been on top of her priority list. So, the question is - is she or isn't she?

I have really no time to watch any of her shows on E! - I sat through one episode once and I got brain cancer. But I am torn between condemning her as a complete idiot or just coldly business-savvy. In fact, chances are, she might be both. One thing is for sure, Big moma, Kris Jenner is the one with the brains. No doubt about the fact that she has baked some awesome-looking kids as well. In fact, it is actually shocking how sexy the whole family looks. The female side of the family, I mean. And Kim seems to look awesome even without make up. It's not that easy. In fact, check out the example under her picture here.

Kim, particularly with make up, reminds me of...Sofia Loren. I know…

Chelsea Clinton - cake or sodomy?

So, yes, she looked like someone kept trying to stick a tree branch up her arse and she dealt with the story in an ordinary, nearly cheesy way but that's big networks for you. For all we know, those exec producers might have changed her voice over script 10 times. They cater for the subhuman type - which to me actually says that they underestimate their viewers cos I believe there is as huge amount of people who are unsatisfied with middle-of-the-road type news pieces provided by these big networks. And the big corporate knobs wonder why viewing figures are decreasing?

Still, I was touched by the intensity of the story. People like this lady, Annette Dove who dedicate their lives to being of service to others are quite remarkable. I just don't have it in me (at least for humans) but I appreciate it in others.

Would Chelsea had been given the opportunity to land such a huge job slot had her last name not been Clinton? Maybe not but by concentrating on that element, we might mi…

Follow-up on yesterday's post - make this video go VIRAL!

My cat Ame is super cute - she sleeps under my bed covers and runs off when I catch her. That's it. Isn't that enough? It's nearly as awesome(ly dull) as little Jeffrey Dahmer biting his brother's finger in 'Charlie Bit My Finger Again!' video.

Watch her here!!

Have a good day, everyone - dont forget to click on this and comment on how 'cuuuuuuuuute' she is.

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What makes inane videos go viral?

If you happen to lead a pretty busy life, meet a variety of people through your job (which increasingly blends into your social life), chances are you might believe a 'viral video' to be an online documentary on AIDS. Videos that go viral, however, are clips uploaded on YouTube, by ordinary people doing ordinary things, that within a very short amount of time clock millions of views. I have stumbled across a couple, received by email through friends. I found them cute. But there are also people that, unlike me, actively spend hours on YouTube pursuing these videos like they were members of the opposite sex. What that translates to, ultimately, is they enjoy 'watching real life from behind closed doors'.

Hooked on the rush that watching kittens run around in circles or dogs hugging babies provide, it's debatable as to whether said video-seekers would contribute more efficiently to society would they turn into active job-seekers. It is clear that underneath all our …

Stephen Colbert - on a roll over Norway's butter crisis!

US jokester Stephen Colbert poked fun at the Norwegians once again.
  Not only did he ridicule the Board of the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2009 when it decided to award the much coveted prize to US President Barack Obama (who'd done fuckall in terms of peace after merely 100 days in office - or now, after two years). Colbert also playfully mocked Norway's language - "Norwegians! Really?! Who puts a 'j' after an 'f'??!" Obviously referring to the word 'fjord'. "Why don't you just...fjock off?" He concluded.
Last night, Colbert got to grips with Norway's crippling butter shortage, addressing a variety of issues surrounding the subject, including a Russian man that smuggled 90Kg of the slippery thing from Norway into Sweden.

Here is the clip, in case you missed it:

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cNorway's Butter Shortagewww.colbertnation.comColbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Arc…

REO Speedwagon - more than a guilty pleasure, more than an obsession...

Image's like a closet with a cemetery style skeleton collection - deal with it.

First of all, totally unrelated is the fact I heard that The Darkness will perform at NYC's Irving Plaza in February. Argh! Excited! Gorgeous video for 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love'! Double yum!

Next, REO Speedwagon...

That's right! That's what they look like these days!
As an impressionable and sweet-natured 13-year-old with a need for inspiration garnered through poetry and lyrics, I was exposed to a variety of twee pop songs one particular year (that's hardly going to come from Iron Maiden, after all). The two tracks that made a huge impact were Phil Collin's 'Against All Odds' and REO Speedwagon's 'Can't Fight This Feeling' (insert bucket right here).

While the former is one which I still cannot listen to after I have had a bad day, the latter is uplifting and full of hope (barf in here).  I remember actually thinking how amazingly romantic …

Back to Norway - Kvelertak, Satyricon, Darkthrone and the death of a friend.

That's where I was between Nov 9th and 27th...
On my birthday, I hopped on a plane to Oslo. Continential Airlines...ugh. Their seats were mega small and I sat next to a drunken young couple that luckily slept all the way through the flight. Unfortunately, leaning towards my seat. The husband was sitting at someone else's place as well. As the guy whose seat he had usurped approached, the husband quipped:-"Do you mind if I sit here? Cos we are married..." Oh god, I'd forgotten how twee some Norwegian men are. His wife laughed out loud as she repeated "Cos we are married??" The other guy agreed and made his way to the seat that belonged to the drunken husband. I did not talk to them or anyone else for the rest of the flight. Aside one of the stewards who flirted heavily everytime he walked past my seat. He was no Brad Pitt, bless him but at least he was straight.

Once I got to Oslo's Gardemoen, Mina, Espen and I made our way to Rockefeller to do an …

Voodoo Fest, Soundgarden, Mastodon, Jesse Hughes and Down...

In my quest to travel and collect as many experiences as possible in this lifetime, I ended up going to New Orleans with a couple of friends who were working for this tv station. Never been to Voodoo Fest or New Orleans so I was mega excited.

 Bourbon Street - it is not this quiet at night...
Notwithstanding the fact that New Orleans has the highest homicide rate in the US, I walked around the city by myself and went to visit cemeteries. Which I mainly managed to see from the outside cos they were shut. WTF?! I thought the dead didn't care about protocol.

 A cemetery I could not get into with my whole body. So I squeezed my hands in and let them look around for me.
I ended up in this church where I was asked to bring the body of Christ to the altar during the ceremony. "I can see you are new," the old man sitting behind me said in a gentle voice. "So we would like to invite you to really be part of the ceremony and feel part of our community." Soooooo sweet. I…

Kvelertak live - a background story...for the non-Norwegian amongst you.

Drunken picture of Kvelertak live at Club Europa, Brooklyn - 21st October 2011
First time I ever saw a Kvelertak gig. So delighted to finally see them live that I got drunk very quickly (after a vodka + Red Bull). Then I saw them live again a couple of hours at this other bar, St. Vitus in Brooklyn. Twice within four hours. Oh the irony - I'd waited to see them play since 2007...
Kvelertak at Oslo's Rockefeller (1,500 capacity venue) - November 10th 2011

And here's my third time, in Oslo, a couple of weeks after their two NYC shows. So, here's the story as I remember it...

Once upon a time, when I worked as label manager for a company called Tabu Recordings in Oslo whose roster included bands such as Enslaved, Susperia, Keep of Kalessin and Benea Reach (amongst others), I received a mail from a guy who wanted me to listen to his new band's three track demo. It was early 2007.

 Since part of my job was keeping my ears pricked for what I believed to be the hottest a…