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Darkthrone on Norwegian chart show 'Topp20' in 2006

Back in January 2006, legendary black metal band Darkthrone got to number 11 of the Norwegian charts with single 'Too Old, Too Cold' taken from their 11th album 'The Cult Is Alive'. To say that this was a bizarre moment in the history of black metal would be an understatement. The metal show I produced on Norwegian national radio NRK P3 at the time, 'Tinitus' had played the single as a 'world exclusive' a couple of times in December 2005. I remember how careful I had to be when I was given a digital copy of it. I had to enter it into the radio station broadcast system under a different name to protect it from being snatched by potential online pirates. I nearly lost sleep over it cos I had been entrusted with it by the lovely Lisa at Peaceville one month prior to release. The host of Norwegian chart show, 'Topp 20', Nicholas Carlie invited me on to discuss the 'phenomenon' while Nocturno Culto featured as a 'phone guest' cos h