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Project 101010 - one of the most insightful documentaries

 If you've ever wondered why your life has been going down the drain, your anxiety levels have reached ridiculous heights and you feel that your only next option is jumping off the Empire State Building, think again. Before you make that jump, watch this: "Genetics make you a victim - Epigenetics give you the option to change your condition." So, in a nutshell, fuck Biology. Unless you mix it up with a lot of other ingredients. Including compassion. Sorry skeptics, you're going to have to accept LOVE in the equation. I wish I could end on a sarcastic note but I'm still on a high from watching this docu so, you may have to write that up for me.In the comments' section. Go ahead. Entertain ME for once. Miss Pee

Mastodon, Opeth and Ghost in New York - a revelation...

...I was not even planning on attending this show cos I was unsure as to whether I could stand that long in my present 'condition' but Denise convinced me. In hindsight, that night's vicissitudes jolted me back into shape. I was not expecting this on Wednesday night but it helped...  Ghost ...interesting band. Not entirely my cup of tea but I am somehow drawn to what they're doing. Watching their live show is like stepping onto the set of a weird Seventies' horror movie. I would do it again and if you are yet to see them, I'd suggest you check them out next time they're over. Front of Ghost t-shirt design - this is what I got a for my friend Barbara at the New York show...   Opeth ...while I felt that this show was a little less painful than the previous ones, I wonder how much of that is due to new album's ability to help me appreciate what they do. And for all I know, Opeth could become my next obsession. Maybe one day I'll join the hor

Ghost support Mastodon in New York - real vocalist revealed here!

After the show, I went backstage with Denise and opposite the Masto dressing rooms, on the other side of the corridor, I met some Swedes that could have been members of Ghost (or they might not). One of them was half Italian and half Swedish. We spoke Italian but he refused to confirm what instrument he played in the band. Or he could have been a roadie. Love the whole mystery that surrounds Ghost. And it must be fun for them, too. They make fun of people that try to discover who they are. Like this Biatch. Take baby-faced Aksel for example. He was curious to know what their show was like - 'Well, the whole sinister papal gimmick could look a bit cheesy,' I offered. 'But it actually came across suggestive. Loved the atmosphere...' I mistook him for the singer at first and the little rascal went along with it. But again, he could have been a friend of the band on holiday in the US...right? The whole anonymity claimed by the Ghost gimmick is like the Jante Law gone