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Solstafir teach us Icelandic and Miss Pee calls random black metal Biatches in Norway!

Yes, it's The Rock Show on Killer Bunny TV (tx date: 11.07.2012). Listen to it right here: Miss Pee xx

50 Shades of Hawking...

Everyone aware of popular soccer mum porn novel '50 Shades of Grey'?   Hurts so good!    The one with sentences such as: " I had no idea giving pleasure could be such a turn-on, watching him writhe subtly with carnal longing. My inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves." " Christian squirts baby oil into his hand and then rubs my behind with careful tenderness — from makeup remover to soothing balm for a spanked ass, who would have thought it such a versatile liquid." WHAT?!? Well, it takes all sorts, doesn't it. Who knows, you (like me) might get aroused at the sound of metal(lic)-sounding voices. So, click on this link below and listen to an excerpt of the audio book as read by renown Physicist, Stephen Hawking: Stephen Hawking - like this Biatch, he is smarter than he looks.  Let