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To war or not to war...?

The headline is a call to take offence to what Putin says in his letter. I feel we ought to look beyond that and disregard the journalist's choice of words. Putin is no angel, but I am just going to focus on his current words - they remind me of this chapter, 'The Disadvantages of Self-Cherishing' that I have just read in my Buddhist book, 'Modern Buddhism':-"Self-cherishing is our mind thinking 'I am important' while neglecting others. It is defined as a mind that considers oneself to be supremely important and precious and makes us feel that our happiness and freedom are more important than anyone else's." And what happens when you feel that you are more exceptional and important than others on a grand scale? Wars and murder, molestation of others etc. Bully behaviour. Because when we do not regard others on the same level as us, we have no respect for them. No need to take this as an insult, 'merica, but take responsibility f…

Some gems I have been hiding on that useless site, ints with P!ATD, Satyricon, Slipknot, Coheed and Cambria, Nightwish and more...

Work can be fun:

PANIC! AT THE DISCO, Hove Festival 2008



NIGHTWISH HAVE A NEW SINGER - show us what you can do, Anette Olson! (exclusive, 2007)

Did COHEED AND CAMBRIA stole the Dillinger Escape Plan drummer? 2008

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - naked photoshoot for Kerrang! explained, 2008

Also. a quick ticking off of another event I recently attended - Fall Out Boy / Panic! At The Disco... the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. On Saturday night.

Yes, yes, it was awesome and P!ATD vocalist, Brendon Urie was just as dynamic as usual. For the first time, he reminded me of a young Morrissey. And yes, I still remember this fondly - interview for Norwegian TV show, Lydverket in 2008 *sighs*:

A bunch of special appearances during the show at Barclays Center on that night - Lolo (Lulu? Whatever) with P!ATD and Marky Ramone with Fall Out Boy. For some reason, some people are quick at ridiculing FOB as a mere pop band, but their roots reside in punk rock - they just don't know how to write punk rock songs. And thank god, in a way or they might not be performing at venues like Barclays Center.

Support band, Twenty One Pilots are the next hot thing. Signed to Fueled By Ramen, they sound weird. What is this, emo spliced with white rap? However, it's been categorised, I like it:

I posted a bunch of pics of that show on Instagram and FB and I have no time to upload them on he…

GHOST B.C. 'Papaganda' - episode one

I thought I'd left Satan behind when I moved from Norway, but he keeps pulling me back in. I'm the one that talks over Papa Emeritus II on this piece.

The seasoned Pontiff provides a bit of background on himself, his predecessor and the rest of the Ministry. In Italian! And yes, this Biatch provided the translation of Papa E's English script into Italian and did the voice over in English. Papa E did not need much coaching speaking Italian - he was a bit of a 'natural'. Fun.

Directed and produced by Greg Olliver on behalf of Noisey (VICE), this first Papaganda piece was shot in New York City when the Satanic Swedes performed at Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn. Though I'd rather have my kneecaps severed than spend time with old people, I went to lunch with Papa Emeritus to discuss the material for this episode. Who is looking forward to the next episodes of this series?

GHOST will be on tour with Deftones and Avenged Sevenfold in the US in October. Have you p…