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Meditation classes have been keeping me sane

While booking bands and events for TR, I have been attending regular meditation classes in order to balance out the negativity of the City.

What I discovered was that it happens because we believe a mistaken image of the self, we take offence and we react negatively as we feel the need to protect it.

I have, therefore, been keeping a separate blog:

If you're interested in the subject of reality vs delusions, I recommend you read it and then attend meditation classes. That does not mean you'll have to sit still and silent for 90mins each time. And you will not be required to hug trees as you walk past them.

I can tell you very little as I believe you need to find out for yourself. If you're interested in waking up from this society-induced slumber we are regularly subjected to. The world will change because your perception of it will shift.

Good luck.


The new Panic! At The Disco is out!

On October 8th, Panic! At The Disco held a special album release party at the bar adjacent to interactive play Sleep No More's establishment in New York City. Only 150 tickets available. The show was fun and dynamic. The set list was perfectly in line with the energy of the band's performance live and I got introduced to new track, 'Vegas Lights' which has since become my favourite. I bought the album the day after. But before doing that, I got a special invitation by a friend at an acoustic performance at MTV.  I expected it to be for a small number of fans, but when I turned up, I was told that the band would be performing a two-track acoustic performance without any audience for a special MTV show called 'Buzzworthy Live'. Well, shit-a-brick. It was one of those moments that are both exciting and weird because yes, I am a fan of the band's music, but not a personal stalker.

Luckily, the MTV crew was great and as I got chatting away, I met the band's …