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What did you do in this life that changed this world?

We live to check in and check out. Then, suddenly, one day, we'll wake up as an old person. Soon after that, we'll end up as a number around your toe. Is that what you really think of yourself? If yes, then this video is not for you. If not, you should WATCH THIS . Have a happy Sunday. Mrs Pee Pee

Alan Henning from Manchester is...

...just a fat, middle-aged man from the north of England who left his job as a cabbie to work for a Syrian aid charity. I have no connection with this man, but beheading communication vessels and aid workers is akin to kicking a puppy. And doing it while wearing a mask adds to the cowardice factor. ISIS - I cannot take them seriously. Not even if they came to kidnap me. I'd feel sorry for them and their desperate lack of direction. Moreover, their lack of nobility of spirit furthers their pathetic stance. They appear to be like the bully in kindergarten who wants to incite a fight because he has nothing else going for himself in life. They need to get a hobby. And a career. Right now, they have neither. They are all losers. And racist beyond any line of decency. I feel sorry for them. Being them must be painful. However, Alan Henning is a man who cares about others. Look at him.  ISIS should step out of the circle of hatred within their own heads and reflect on this. They a

To be added to your grave...

...YOUR STUDENT LOAN. What is wrong with this lady's story? Sickening. Mrs Pee

The era of the big booty?

VOGUE RECENTLY POSTED AN ARTICLE by Patricia Garcia (a Latina, at a guess) about this new era within fashion and what society finds attractive.  The fact that they apportion this to white celebrities on why the big booty has become more and more popular makes me wonder whether this girl is out of touch with gender models within different races. Am I the only one that sees Black and Latina ladies walk around with the most pert derrieres? I don't know how they do it, but they make it work. White girls's big arses usually droop. Plus, the truth is that white girls do not like having a big arse. It's a culture thing. I'm classed as 'white' and I have a curvy butt (not fat, just curvy). Do I like it? Bah. I have learned to accept it and because of where it dwells on my body, I don't really think about it too often. The fact that I cannot see it helps. Do I think that Vogue is RACIST for omitting the Black and Latina ladies that are well known for having the

Lesbian is the new black

THIS STORY made me reflect on the true levels of compassion I have within myself. The transition within sexuality is usually a very slow one for some of us. Or it might just hit us one day when something unrelated triggers it. It might not have been easy, I imagine, for her to realise that she was changing either. I have a great deal of compassion for both parties.