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One step forward for humanity - same sex marriage ruling by SCOTUS

Yesterday's ruling in favour of same sex marriage was a victory for humanity, in my opinion. SCOTUS's judgment reflected the people's. And not only of the United States, but of the rest of the world. Never mind the extreme few, the majority of this planet's citizens want to live and let live. Let's learn to mind our own business in the process. That's how harmony reigns supreme. Now...let's see if we can get Edward Snowden back, Chelsea Manning out and continue to focus on the rest of the laundry list of basic human rights to be achieved before we die. Whether it's the end of the pro-choice oppression, your son getting married to someone of another race, your daughter getting hitched to someone with a less than impressive bank account (oh yes, these elitist arseholes still exist out there) or anything else that does not infringe on your own personal space, I'd say, just give up the fight and mind your own business. I have no more comments. Mr

Was South Carolina gunman a good actor in front of his African American friends?

Or did it take a BBC crew to extrapolate the most interesting interview connected to this whole horrible story? One of his friends mentions that he was going to shoot a bunch of people at a nearby University, not a black church. Watch this interview HERE. Mrs PeePee

Bernie Sanders is not on Tinder?

Senator and 2016 presidential campaign's Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders was on Real Time With Bill Maher last night. Here's a clip of it where he talks about his stance - 'We're going to tell the truth'. Bill Maher wonders how he is going to attract young voters:-"Are you on Tinder?" Watch it HERE. Then, go on Twitter and the rest of social media and show him your support. Mrs PeePee

Why do we have to wait until October for this?!

Nobel peace prize winner, 17-year-old Malala Youfsafzai was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart a couple of evenings ago. One of the most vocal activist of female education in third world countries (she is herself from Pakistan), Malala was shot in the head in 2012 by members of The Taliban who wish their women to live under a rock while, occasionally, getting into the kitchen to make them some pie.  A documentary called 'He Named Me Malala' will be released in October.  Watch a clip HERE. Mrs PeePee

Actually (and luckily), I take my last post back

With Section 215 of the Patriot Act gone, Snowden can look forward to his next mission: being - hopefully - pardoned and therefore, allowed to return to the USA without having to go to trial, first. He exposed the bad guys, didn't he? So, where are the good guys that will rescue him now? Here's the article he recently wrote for the NEW YORK TIMES . Have a lovely day, y'all. Mrs PeePee xoxo

A not so great victory for Snowden

Senate lures NSA mass surveillance back in...for six months. Read more here. The Fearful Ones

Are you an organ donor? If not, watch this video...

From the Fundacion Argentina De Transplante Hepatico, comes one of the most moving videos you might have ever seen. That was the case for me. Get a hanky.

Caitlyn Jenner is an ode to all transgenders

Read the new Vanity Fair article HERE . Bruce Jenner - only available in history books now. Mrs Pee Pee

Primates Of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin - a punch in the throat for New York City's Upper East Side

Read a review of this amazing, insightful book HERE . I have some experience of the disregard for others' feelings, the lack of compassion for others' situations as well as the cruelty with which some of these people operate in this part of the city, but I don't attend society galas. Good goD, slashing my own wrists would probably be more fun. #Phonies Mrs Pee Pee

A huge victory for Snowden - June 1st 2015, Section 215 expires

Read the whole Guardian article HERE . Edward Snowden - a whistleblower - not a traitor. And if anything else - a hero. The author of this article was one of the three people who met up with Snowden in Hong Kong back in 2013. And he also features in 'Citizenfour', the Oscar-winning movie.