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Louisiana is currently 'feeling the Bern'

Bernie Sanders speaks to a 5,000-strong crowd at Pontchartrain Center in  Kenner, Louisiana on 7/26
Tonight, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at a 5,000 strong rally at Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, LA which he began by addressing the size of the crowd. "We couldn't fit anymore people in here if we wanted," he proclaimed. That's something that he may just have got used to since he has been speaking to crowds that have packed large 8000 capacity venues in southern states like Arizona and Texas. The cutest thing about Sanders' speeches is that he is introduced as 'the future president of the United States of America'. Feeling the Bern, everyone?

It is bold, but it is what the people appear to want - someone who can talk on their behalf about issues that matter to THEM. Senator Sanders reminds us that this campaign is not about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It is about US, the people and again, those issues that matter to us.

Income inequalit…

Bernie Sanders cracks 25% nationally for the first time...

...anyone feel the Bern? #FeelTheBern2016 #VoteForBernie2016


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Make sure you register if you want to vote for Bernie Sanders - here's how...

If your state does not have open primaries, you may be unable to vote for Bernie Sanders, unless you are registered as a Democrat.

Find your state to ensure you're all set to cast your vote in the primaries!


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More about the pros and cons about how Bernie Sanders' tangible plans are making Hillary step it up...

Watch this commentary and leave comments on how you feel about them. To me, it feels as if these two guys have read my mind:

Labor, Veterans Stand With Bernie Sanders. Do You?Bernie Sanders is getting some high profile endorsements – his bid for president is growing stronger by the day. Do you stand with Bernie?Posted by Ring of Fire on Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Do you want to compromise or do you want the best candidate for the US presidency?

Watch this and learn more about this current situation - is Hillary Clinton the best candidate? Or is Bernie Sanders the most genuine candidate?

Watch and learn...

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Bernie Sanders has a jingle! Beware, it's unbearably adorable!

Perhaps, he does not need $45mills since he has such creative people around...

#FeelTheBern2016 #VoteForBernie2016

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The ISIS flag present during the Pride parade in London?

It was up on the CNN screen for seven minutes - the flag featuring dildos and butt plugs mistaken for the ISIS flag by a very eager CNN journalist.

See what John Oliver from 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' says about this item. Or about Antonin Scalia.


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About Donald Trump and anyone else who tries to stop the influx of foreigners in the US...

Following the ridiculous xenophobic stance of 'kombover king' Donald Trump and the news of his presidency candidacy in the last few days, I cannot but offer a few words of disappointment insofar as evolution might just not exist for some of us humans.

This TIME article highlights the New York's billionaire's delusions with regards to immigrants and his deep need to prove to the rest of the world that his racist opinions are correct because of one select instance. And we cannot even attribute the cause of his obtuse stance and deep-rooted ignorance, and rudeness towards others to a lack of proper education since, as the son of a billionaire himself, Mr Trump was privileged enough to achieve a college education in this country.

Unfortunately, he is not the only one who feels this way about this topic. Personally speaking, my own M.I.L. recently communicated to my husband and me that she has been writing to her local Congressman to stop the influx of foreign medical studen…

What a model parent

"I've been working for 45 years, and so has my wife. But we have no money. You know why? Because my five kids have two bachelor's, a master's, and two doctorate degrees. They are my wealth."Posted by Humans of New York on Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I have been asked to clean up my online presence so, here is my first cleaning session

My mother-in-law came over early last night with an oddly calm daughter. I have only seen my sister-in-law in that demure state four times in the 16 months I have 'known' her. The rest of the time, she has either been worried about her appearance, pissed off at her boyfriend, mother, father, brothers, my husband's ex-wife and ex-girlfriend, and me or crying because of something that all these same people had 'done' to her. Once I saw her cry because of some unfair treatment of an animal on the internet. Don't get me wrong, I think my sister-in-law can be adorable. She is very quick-witted and smart. But she also possesses a darkness within her that she has yet been unable to control. Which, at the age of 24, feels slightly worrying. But I digress.

So, mother-in-law who, honestly feels more like an out-of-control hornets' nest at the best of times than a 'mother' as such, asked me to stop posting controversial stuff on Twitter to maximize my husband&…

Confederate flag controversy - what is wrong with the Republicans' view of it?

It is not about racism, they say.

Senator Jeff Sessions (AL) said on Thursday that calls to remove the Confederate flag from public buildings are among efforts by "the left" to "delegitimize the fabulous accomplishments of our country."

Read more about this HERE.

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Obama's dog, Bo greets tourists at White House

I can't imagine anything more adorable.

Read the whole article HERE.

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Stephen Colbert interviews Eminem on public access tv

Brilliant initiative - Stephen Colbert interviews Eminem. Watch it HERE.

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A modest man, a lovely human being

One minute silence for this lovely man. 
Read more about him HERE.
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