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Senator Bernie Sanders has taken a lot of my time of late...

I held three events for the Bernie Sanders grassroots campaign in NYC in September and one of them attracted some press attention. Which is always nice. As Bernie was supposed to be interviewed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on September 18th, about 212 people (of the 235 who had RSVP'd) turned up outside the Ed Sullivan Theater to welcome him to the city.  Read the article HERE.

Missed the Democratic debate last night? Watch it here!

#FeelTheBern2016 #VoteForBernie2016

Bernie Sanders is nine hours away from the first Dem debate but...

...he may have already won it! This HUFF POST article illustrates how. Somewhat obvious... #FeelTheBern, kids! Mrs Pee Pee

It is a big day - the Dem debate is on in a few hours!

This is the day when US citizens will FEEL THE BERN the most. Some for the first time. And it will feel memorable. One debate is all it takes for Bernie Sanders to get people on his side. Even those in the 'red states'. How? This SALON article explains it in great detail. CNN from 8:30pm tonight - I can barely wait... Mrs Pee Pee