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Donald J Trump and those 'Russian hackers' isn't the focus and the public is being manipulated

Russian hackers' hands jumped on those keyboards as soon as Trump said 'jump'...what did Trump promise them? Exposure on the US media. WHAT?! I first heard Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook talk about 'Russian hackers' delivering the DNC emails to the public in order to aid the Trump campaign last week. Then the Obama administration jumped onto it and the media is now covering it like it is reality. Then, Trump held a press conference to defend himself from those allegations and now, he is the bad guy. Obama - jumped on the Mook's 'Russian hackers' bandwagon The truth as I see it - NOBODY has come out to confirm that 'Russian hackers', indeed, infiltrated the DNC email server. Yet. But everyone - Clinton campaign, Obama administration, the media and their dog - is peddling this story like they all have evidence. This is done to deflect from the real threat - the DNC emails content - it caused the DNC's CFO to

Loretta Lynch tells the truth, nothing but the truth in 20 words or less

I watched the full three hours of Loretta Lynch at the Congressional Hearing about a bunch of topics AND her non-decision about indicting Hillary Clinton over her emails debacle. Loretta Lynch - a woman of few words Lynch is obviously a beautiful, classy lady with a resume to die for, but boy did she come across like a woman who was full of shit at this Congressional hearing. What a shame. She may have to thank Bill Clinton for that. Who knows... No need for captions. There are moments, during the three-hour hearing, where she appears to be trying her best to hold her horses while playing the 'in 20 words or less' game - especially as Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jason Chaffetz of Utah truly threw a ton of manure in her direction over her non-decision of indicting Hillary Clinton for her misuse of classified information. Lynch fended off the two Republican bloodhounds using statements such as "I don't have the figures," "I don't have the details rig

How did Bernie Sanders endorse Hillary Clinton yesterday?

While the media is filled with stories about Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton and with even Sanders' campaign manager, Jeff Weaver fueling the fire of truth and brimstone as MSNBC wondered whether THAT was a real endorsement, I have a feeling that all is not as it appears.  Aunt Hillary looks authentic here - but don't worry, it's only the 'Sanders effect' I believe that the intricacies within the political realm are really subtle and esoteric for us mere mortals. We may be the ones that ought to decide who we vote in power, but sometimes it feels like 'they' in Washington DC are just not listening.  When I watched the video of Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton in New Hapmshire (the first thing I did after I got home and took my dog out for a walk), I could not stop laughing.  Aunt Hillary:-"Oh shit, he is condemning Wall Street...?" Peppered with 'Hillary believes' and 'Hillary agrees', was Bernie San

Speaker Ryan wants Hillary Clinton's security clearance to be lowered

Is he completely out of his mind? She is running for president.  Following FBI director, James Comey's findings from his lengthy investigation of Hillary Clinton's personal server and his subsequent cheek to suggest that the Secretary should not be indicted, Republicans have been jumping off walls in a rather unusual display of disgust towards yet another Democrat. They tried to get at her with the Benghazi trial, but they only managed to waste millions of Dollars. They're going to do everything in their power to nail her now. But first, Speaker Ryan arranged a few Congressional Hearings for next week during which they'll be grilling Comey as to how he got to the conclusion that 'no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges for this case.'  When Speaker Ryan called out for Clinton to have her security clearance lowered, his suggestion sounded as effective as Mr Furious' power in Mystery Men.  Mr Furious - careful or he'll get...angry.

Bernie Sanders lost the FBI primary

This is a sentence that was first coined by Donald Trump, but that has been used by other mainstream journalists - for ex. Chuck Todd. Well, they like Trump on NBC and MSNBC, don't they. They have been featuring him non-stop during the primaries and then got all surprised when he won by a huge margin. Bernie Sanders was also booed by House Democrats earlier today. As THIS ARTICLE elucidates, he refused to back down, concede or endorse Clinton and he was on the receiving end of some criticism from the rest of the blue quadrupedal, ruminant mammals in Congress. Chuck Todd, above, even went insofar as to mention that Sanders was close to conceding to and endorsing Clinton. Group delusions... Mrs PP

FBI Director, James Comey's full speech - I feel Clinton's shame...

If you missed this earlier this morning, here is the full speech by FBI Director, James Comey about his investigation into Hillary Clinton's personal server and the handling of highly confidential information while she was Secretary of State.  FBI Director, James Comey - a solid man. For the purpose of clarity, the comments in brackets are my own. I will be doing my best to draw parallels between the topic of this speech and 'taking a poo in public'.  That might be the only way you'll truly understand how Hillary Clinton is current feeling as she is landing in North Carolina (on Air Force One, accompanied by President, Barack Obama).  Democratic 'presumptive' nominee, Hillary Clinton: shit happens So, here's the speech in its entirety:  "Good morning. I’m here to give you an update on the FBI’s investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail system during her time as Secretary of State. After a tremendous amount of work

Refugees: a flock of victims or a huge pain in the arse?

Following several Facebook statuses advocating for countries to take care of their own people before allowing refugees in or not wanting to have anything to do with the extra influx of immigration (see Brexit, too), I have to admit that notwithstanding the liberal / progressive label that I have been comfortable to wear most of my life, I could not agree more with these sentiments.  On this issue, Lao Tsu put forward his opinion:- "If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in the nations. If there is to be peace in the nations, there must be peace in the cities. If there is to be peace in the cities, there must be peace between neighbors. If there is to be peace between neighbors, there must be peace in the home. If there is to be peace in the home, there must be peace in the heart." Father of Taoism and another tree hugger, Lao Tzu Or as the Dalai Lama put it:-"We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves."