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Why has Trump pissed off a million women? About the #WomensMarch

Earlier on Facebook, I came across a post by my friend, Gwen who was wondering  something about President Trump. Three days after his Inauguration and two days after the #WomensMarch that attracted two million people in the US alone and over one million in countries such as the United Kingdom , the whole of Scandinavia ( Norway , Sweden , Denmark ), Italy , Germany , France  while  outside of Europe, in Asia, Australia and even Antarctica . Women's march in Washington DC on Saturday - not one person needed to be photoshopped or paid to attend Here are Gwen's questions:- " I really don't know what Trump did to piss off a million women. What has he done or what part of his agenda should I be concerned about as a woman?  Which decisions don't reflect the will of the people? What has he said that's divisive?"  While she did not vote for Trump in the primaries, Gwen is not the only Republican who's wondering about all this. And though I am very awar

John Lewis - friend of or foe to the people?

I know that people see John Lewis as a great activist. I know little about the details of his achievements in the Civil Rights' movement, but I do have a bone to pick with him over his original response to a journo's question on 11th Feb 2016. It was during the Democratic primaries and about Sen. Sanders' attendance to the MLK protest march in DC in the early Sixties: -"I never saw him, I never met him. But I met Hillary Clinton. I met Bill Clinton." What, in the Sixties when she was an intern for Barry Goldwater?! Fuck right off. Lewis went on to endorse Hillary Clinton, casting himself onto the pile of those Democratic politicians who were (and still are) obviously out of touch with what the American people wanted (and still want). As a typical politician, aka a word manipulator, Lewis retracted his personal disparaging comments as stated in THIS ARTICLE and 'clarified' in a chat with MSNBC a couple of days later ( READ HERE ), that he was respondin

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Chuck Schumer suddenly sounds COOL - how is that possible?!

While some members of the Left are still getting all indignant about what media we should / shouldn't watch / read / listen to and are still holding grudges against more established Dem politicians, Bernie Sanders is working his way through the Bag of Dicks (Dem) Party. As in, he is working to CHANGE IT, to make it MORE VIABLE for / more IN TUNE with the middle and working class(es) 'cos let's be honest, so far, the Dem Party has acted like a detached bag of dicks.  When I see Chuck Schumer on the Rachel Maddow Show being all fired up about opposing Trump an d 'holding his feet to the fire' with regards to anything he said during his campaign (his promises to benefit the middle / working class), I see Bernie WORKING TO CHANGE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. When I hear Senator Schumer use an expression like 'we'll hold his feet to the fire' several times, I hear Bernie Sanders WORKING TO CHANGE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. When I hear Sen. Schumer talk about