From classical and heavy metal music to local and national politics - no rest for the wan...wicked!

Been busy on various fronts - from politics to music, it's been a frantic, but exciting couple of months.

Do you want to $upport this guy? Details at the end of this page... #KeithEllison4DNCChair
Been producing two videos for a classical music event called The Baldwin Festival. Based on the shockingly inspiring sermon done by the Pope at Madison Square Garden in 2015, the whole composition called 'A Great Light' is a collaboration between composer Martin Sedek and conductor Douglas Sheldon. A truly beautiful masterpiece. I'll upload as soon as I'm given the go-ahead. 

Produced a short video teaser for the Avenged Sevenfold's pop-up store in London (with limited resources). Here it is: 

After the shocking upset of Trump's win (!), I went back into edit for what I expected to be slight amendments to the beginning of the documentary about the Bernie Sanders' grassroots campaign, 'The In-Team NYC'. I ended up changing more than the intro. 

A snapshot from 'The In-Team NYC' docu - keep your friends close, but your enemies closer ('Wall Street' event)
Been out to protest with and without Ellie. The first protest with Ellie was 'Trump's Healthcare Makes Us Sick" where a crowd of over 2,000 people hi-jacked the streets and pavements outside Trump Hotel in Columbus Circle. Here's PROOF that we were there. 

I chose not to take her to the women's march on Jan 21st, but she joined me to the #NoBanNoWall anti #MuslimBan rally / march in Battery Park on Sunday. Here's proof that she was there and she stands for the greater good of all.

Ellie stands on the correct side of the issues. 
The new President is certainly giving the least extreme amongst us a reason to get our arses off the couch and onto the streets. If we can thank Trump for anything is for waking people up and avoiding this in the future:

Yeah. Better late than never, eh?
Also, been busy manning the Twitter page for Grassroots Action NY, a local political group whose mission is to make the progressive agenda achievable by reforming the NY / US's electoral process and changing the make-up of the US government. The group is also dedicated to continuing the political revolution in the wake of the Bernie Sanders campaign by: 1) Supporting candidates in national, state and local elections; 2) Working to organize and form coalitions in order to change the undemocratic nature of the current American political process, including our corrupt campaign finance system and laws that maintain massive voter suppression; 3) Encouraging and supporting volunteers to take local positions of power.  To this effect, I am looking for volunteers to assist in the expansion of its reach on Twitter in order to (among other things) keep up with the constantly changing fabric of the current administration. If you're interested, tweet away here: @grassrootactNY

We are also working hard to promote the candidacy of Congressman, Keith Ellison (D-MN) to Chair of the Democratic National Committee after the huge blunder that caused the last Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign. Keith Ellison represent the real progressive slice of the Democratic Party being the only candidate that we believe will get the Party back into a majority in the 2018's Congressional elections. 

The election for the new DNC Chair will be held during the weekend of February 23rd-26th 2017. If you want to donate to the #KeithEllison4DNCChair campaign, you can do safely on our GOFUNDME page. Every little helps. Thanks.

More news after I manage to catch my next breath, cheers.

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