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It's that time of year - BARF DAY or the highway

My wonderful husband and I got married three years ago. I am grateful for every day during which we have been capable of having fun and growing as individuals together. Barf, but true. Welcome to the house of fun March 20th 2014 was an exciting day during which we laughed a lot, had some crepes, drank some wine and on occasion, we even referenced Liz Lemon and Criss Cross from 30 Rock. Episode Seven of Season Seven sees the unlikely couple tie the knot in a willing, yet conflicted and unconventional way. I'd have also worn the Princess Leia costume had I found it in time. A career person for decades, I was intent on finding the right and best man for me above all else. It had to feel '...unbiddable, ungovernable - like a riot in the heart', for me to agree to 'walk down the aisle' with anyone. I'd broken off an engagement and terminated a pregnancy before 'cos I felt neither would have tied me to the right person. Deal with it, world. Here'

FBI and NSA Directors confirm that 'President' Trump is full of shit

FBI Director, James Comey and NSA Director, Mike Rogers recently confirmed in the current Congressional Hearing that President Trump's claims about Obama wire-tapping Trump Tower in three different 'tweets' were unfounded. This is so embarrassing on so many levels, least of them - they were communicated publicly on Twitter. And now, what?! On a different topic, that of 'leaks', I'd have to say that Congressman Trey Gowdy is barking up the wrong tree. The 'leaks' against Michael Flynn may have not been strictly following legal guidelines, however, they were in the public interest and he was fired by President Trump. So...whatever. Can't wait to hear what can be done about the President's lies in connection with the previous President. Mrs PP

Jeff Sessions recusing himself means conflict of interest

For fuck's sake. We just knew this swamp creature was just not the best person to be Attorney General. I can't be bothered to spend too long on this. Step down, swampster. Mrs PP

The Democratic Party's Resistance against Donald Trump - pot calling the kettle black

A recent article in CNN that I stumbled upon earlier today discussed yet another superficial issue. That of Kellyann Conway tweeting about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz not standing up and clapping for the widow of a slain Navy SEAL during Donald Trump's address to Congress on Tuesday night. Train wreck First of all - fuck you, CNN for commissioning articles about trivial matters. Fuck you, CNN. Second of all - fuck you, Kellyann Conway for having anything to do with this administration at all. Your derelict concern for anything other than pleasing your President has worn thin. Kellyann Conway looking like an amputee from the Bowling Green Massacre Third - fuck you twice, CNN for asking Debbie Wasserman-Schultz whether Kellyann Conway had apologised. And fuck you twice, DWS for responding with 'Of course, she hasn't apologised, because that's their M.O.' DWS - the original asshole TALK ABOUT THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK. I went 'there&