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The Chainsmokers hold their first 'Memories POPUP STORE' in San Francisco next week!

The Chainsmokers, currently on tour in the United States, will see their first joint venture with Live Nation Merchandise in the shape of a pop-up store take place in San Francisco from May 5th to May 7th. 

The pop-up store will feature limited edition merch - clothing, posters and more exclusive items. It will also be hosting in-store raffles / giveaways of exclusive as well as signed merchandise every hour on the hour. You're advised to check in frequently: #MDNOpopup
Every purchase made at the store also comes with an entry (enter to win) to win surprise gifts.

Last, but not least...The Chainsmokers' debut album, 'Memories...Do Not Open' is OUT NOW -

Address, dates / times and other questions regarding the pop-up store here:
ARE YOU EXCITED YET?! There will be a ton of in-store events that will be revealed shortly. Keep in the loop: #MDNOpopup 
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ps. Wait...there will be more. After…

Killing two birds with one stone - 'Shattered' and the DNC

Most days I read articles that provide the news without managing to move me emotionally.
They recount stories, provide quotes from people's interviews and allow me to become more informed. I read more than one article on the same topics because in this day and age, I want to ensure I am empowered with real news rather than become the victim of alternative facts.

Today, I came across two articles that make me reflect:

1) The Uncurious, Continuing, Stubborn Refusal to Grasp Bernie Sanders

2) Yikes! New Behind-the-Scenes Book Brutalizes the Clinton Campaign

The first one provides several reasons to understand Bernie Sanders' stance better. Why won't he register as a Democrat? Why won't he fall in line? Why does he describe the recent general election as a loss for Democrats rather than a win for Republicans? And so forth. There is an interesting phenomenon that characterizes the Bernie Sanders' on-going campaign. It is the collective unconscious that gathers the Vermo…

A response to 'Fuck Bernie fucking Sanders'

While Bernie Sanders is on tour with new DNC Chair, Tom Perez in order to inject excitement and momentum into a Democratic Party that has been hemorrhaging House, Senate, Governors’ and various Districts’ seats like a car crash pile up in the last eight years (over 900 and counting), there are Clintonian ideologues out there who have enough time on their hands to spout rude and divisive garbage like this:
On a normal day, I would just read the title and laugh. And of course, it is always best to ignore such tripe, but fuck it. You don't get to inspire people to change or react by keeping silent. I also had too much time on my hands yesterday. 
So, a couple of points...

On the Sanders-Perez tour - I supported Keith Ellison during the DNC Chair election campaign. I was so livid when Tom Perez won that my husband had to take me out to my favourite restaurant to calm me down. That's how fucked off I still a…