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Dear Mr Lynch - was it all but a dream?

I gorged on episodes 17 and 18 last night and I was quite contented with the explanation in episode 17. Agent Cooper returned to being 'himself' as his evil doppelganger was defeated forever and the original Cooper went back in time to save Laura Palmer (fuck Dougie for now). The disappearing corpse of the young teenager from the lake's shore was such a beautiful clue that Agent Cooper went above and beyond his role of FBI agent assigned to the investigation of Palmer's death 25 years ago. In this season, he is her saviour. But what about episode 18? Was it needed?  When I fell asleep, I had a dream of which I only remember quick, quirky flashes. While episode 17 provided closure, episode 18 re-opened the wound. It was Adrenaline Central all over again.
But I'll spare you the details. My question is - was it all just a dream? The whole story? Or just Season Three? I will need some time to digest it all.
A conglomeration of wonderful memories scattered across three…