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Why I am excited about One Korea and I know that it has nothing to do with Trump

Ever since watching VICE's three-part documentary on traveling to North Korea and reading 'Nothing To Envy', I have been haunted by that country's government's behavior (brainwashing) towards its own people.

I have agonized over the fact that family members who happened to live on the other side of each border weren't able to see each other again after the border was drafted at the 38th Parallel (by the UN).

I have gasped when reading about North Korea carefully choreographed trips to put on a show for tourists when the truth behind the curtain was grim as fuck - imagine living in a country where electricity goes out early in the evening, women who ride bikes are openly called 'sluts' (because they dare be seen in public with something in between their legs), you're required to put on an openly emotional display when your Great Leader dies (or you may be arrested and tried as a traitor), you are not allowed to criticize your Great Leader (in fact, y…

The importance of being earnest and...

...let your creativity flow.

A quick reflection on visual beauty as a proponent of calmness and excitement all at once.

This came to me as I was looking for Alexander McQueen photographs to use on top of this blog. I have used McQueen related photographs for years now. His 'fairy-tale gone wrong' style speaks to me.

I am actually looking forward to hearing more news about that wonderful fantasy-drama produced by Sky back in 2002: 10th Kingdom. I found a couple of pictures from that tv series...what happens after 'and they lived happily ever after'.

10th Kingdom is a cleverly woven story involving girl-next-door Virginia who finds a portal in Central Park and gets catapulted in a parallel world of fairy tales and nightmares. I have been hoping to stumble upon it myself, but no matter how often I take my dog out for a walk in Central Park, I have yet to fall into the light and land onto the path of trolls and sundries...

Huff puff, wouldn't it be lovely if this show …

That train wreck in the White House...

...Has it crashed yet?

I hope to hear of something spectacular that will take him and his useless administration out so that competent, compassionate people can take over the reins again (and by that, I mean, Pence should fuck off as well).

Tomorrow is another...scandal.

Mrs PP

James Comey - I want to read your book

James Comey's book 'A Higher Loyalty - Truth, Lies and Leadership' is going to be yet another best seller and will soon replace Michael Wolff's 'Fire And Fury' as well as 'Bobby Kennedy - A Raging Spirit' by Chris Matthews, neither of which I have finished.

Books that I don't care to read: 'What Happened' by Hillary Clinton.


Mrs PP