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How a visit to the ophthalmologist will make you and your bank account see red

Prior to my visit to the ophthalmologist yesterday, I called my insurance to find out whether she was inner circle, in network or out of network. I was told she was an 'in network' provider so my co-pay would be $35. Not as low as going for a visit at an 'inner circle' provider, but a bearable out-of-pocket experience. Yet, what went on during the visit and today left me out of pocket way more than just $35. I have a case of 'dry eyes'. I went to see Dr K in midtown a few years before while I was on Medicaid and my visits were covered at 100%. I enjoyed her demeanor and general communication style so, I was happy to pay $35 for an office visit. During the visit, Dr K explained that I had very dry eyes and since I had plugs put in years before, I could do those again. They would help the production of tears in my tear ducts and therefore lubricate my eyes. I asked how much they would cost. She responded she did not know, but she could ask her receptionist to che