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Zephyr Teachout was the most hit and therefore the most popular of this week's AG debate

That's all I can say. She really is! Leticia James: too aggressive and yet, stuttering, looking at her papers as if she is not really sure about her next step...she appeared quite smug toward and very scared of Teachout. She has Sean Patrick Maloney: spoke like he wanted to normalize corruption because 'we all take corporate money and being sanctimonious about it does nothing for anyone here.' The whole point is that we should stop taking corporate money. Leecia Eve seemed to be the only one of the other three who wasn't focusing her aggression and / or patronizing attitude towards Teachout. Still, left me feeling 'meh'. Zephyr Teachout: great opener where she illustrated how she would take on Trump and how she is an anti-corruption expert. She also showed great rational power as she responded to a long list of attacks mainly from the first two candidates mentioned here. Zephyr Teachout looks ready to be New York's next AG! Bring it on! VOTE F

I had no idea what BlacKkKlansman was all about until... husband and I decided to go to the cinema on Sunday night. We looked at the list of movies and that was the only one that piqued my interest. Black cop fighting the KKK and based on a true story??? Sign me up. The movie made me laugh and cry. And any movie that elicits tears from my ducts is a great movie in my book. Go out and watch it! Mrs PP

I bumped into Eric Schneiderman last week...

...and he was on the phone! I was walking around the UWS with my husband when he suddenly tugged at my arm. 'Look,' my husband pointed at the direction of some guy in comfortable clothing (shorts and lose t-shirt, looked like he was exercising). I gasped. My husband held me back. We were on our long walk and Schneiderman was on his cell or I'd have approached him to talk with him. Next time, Universe. Make it happen. Cheers. Mrs PP

My health insurance has just sent me a statement

The ophthalmologist's bill now comes down to $215. That's how much they decided I am liable to pay the eye doc. I won't have to do that until I receive her bill in the post. This is the ophthalmologist who did not know how much her office charges per tear plug, then when I went nuts on them over the phone, they decided to tell me - $300 per plug. My insurance has only approved $215 to go towards my deductible. Oh well. All is well that finally fucking ends with this medical bullshit. Single-payer must be the next thing Congress puts through soon. Mrs PP

The current chaos in the news in a nutshell

Donald Trump ? Guilty, must be impeached. Rudy Giuliani ? Bad lawyer and full of shit. Omarosa ? A terrible opportunist who is now taking revenge on the White House. I won't be reading her book, but would love for Bob Mueller to look into her statements that all the ex White House employees are getting paid $15k a month to do nothing. Money comes from America First, the RNC and the Trump campaign (donations from voters - illegal). Gen. Kelly ? He takes no shit, but he is also playing a horrible game. The Manafort trial ? The jurors aren't being sequestered and it could turn into a major shit show. But...let's hope it will not. Donald Jr ? A chip off the old block whose meeting was about discussing the repealing of the Magnitsky Act. So bad. There are rumours that he may run for Mayor or whatever else...let's hope not. Get rid of him. Ivanka Trump ? A well-spoken asshole. Get rid of her. Jared Kushner ? Get rid of him, too. Everyone else in this administr