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The FBI investigation into Judge Kavanaugh and keeping an eye on the process

For the record, the FBI does not need my help gathering a list of witnesses, but we, the people do. And since there is a ton of distrust towards the current administration, the people need to keep an eye on the process. So, here's part I of the tweet with a list of names of people that the FBI ought to interview regarding Judge Kavanaugh's past.  I have also provided an article that lists an explanation of who these people are, HERE . Here's the article with an explanation of who is who. Read it and keep an eye on the process. Cheers! Mrs PP

A list of lies that Judge Kavanaugh appears to have told under oath

Here are some of the major lies that Kavanaugh has told: He lied about Devil's Triangle. A Devil's Triangle is two different kinds of sexual acts, involving either a threesome, or three types of sexual intercourse with one woman in one night. It is not a drinking game. He lied about this several times and his classmates have called him out. 2. He lied about "bouf," which refers to anal intercourse, and not flatulence. He doubled down on this lie several times during testimony. 3. He lied about "Renata Alumnius." That referred to him going on a date with the purported class "slut." It was not about being her friend (and she recently said she was horrified by his yearbook references.) His testimony directly contradicts a poem about Renata written by one of his close friends found in the same yearbook he refers to himself as a Renata Alumnius, portraying Renata as a cheap and sleazy date. 4. He lied that the "Beach Week Ralph Cl

A response to Trumpanzees accusing the KavaNOPE's hearing protesters of being actors... they usually do. My friend Bryan, a staunch right wing trumpanzee type Republican accused a lady of 'astroturfing' and posted some dodgy pics of her exchanging something with a man holding a clipboard. She was pictured protesting inside Judge KanaNOPE's hearing that day. It was taken from this article . First of all, the person holding the clipboard could have been a friend paying her for a cold drink she might have bought for him at the Hart Building's cafeteria (it is really humid in DC this week and you are required to stand in line OUTSIDE to get tickets before you can be accompanied to the hearing inside). But even if she was a protester whose non-profit reimbursed for her expenses, that is not 'astroturfing'. I mentioned in my blog yesterday that my husband and I were in DC on Tuesday to attend the hearing (not cos we support the judge and not cos we were going to protest). We were in line for five hours and we did not see anyone get paid TO BE

Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing - first day

My husband and I attended that first hearing. Because there were so many people in line and because there were so many disruptions early in the morning, it took us five hours to get in. While in line, we were right behind a group of five people from Oklahoma who were supportive of this judge. I got chatting with them and when I asked one of them why she voted for Trump, she did not really known how to respond. I asked her whether she voted for Trump in the primaries or only in the generals. Her response:"I have five children and four grandchildren, I am very busy and to be honest, I do not entirely remember." I call bullshit! Then, someone else in her group distracted her (rescued her from the liberal). One statement she gave me shortly after that was "I have stopped following all this because I don't want to hear the drama..." then whispered "from both sides..." She and her friends might have been wary of me and my husband because we live in New