Bernie Sanders's tax returns are hot shit

Who would have though? The Vermont Senator's tax returns have become as hot as Trump's these days with both sides getting their knickers in a twist over the fact that he has not released them. And with 'both sides' I mean Republicans and Democrats (here is a bipartisan consensus if we wanted one!).

On Face The Nation earlier today, Sen. Sanders promised he would be releasing them soon. Good, I am glad. Mainly, cos it's important for me to know that transparency is still Bernie's main trait. 

Just as a sideline, he's always been the poorest member of Congress and I doubt things have changed that much, even with those couple of books he has put out since he ran in 2015. And not because I value poverty over financial success. On the contrary, I don't know anyone that would prefer being poor if they had a fair chance at amassing 
wealth. Literally, myself included. But it is because amassing wealth for the sake of it (like a great chunk of the 1% and lower have a tendency to do) has never been Bernie's MO. While I am not going into the why's and how's of wealth and immorality, here's an article that appears to have illustrated that connection rather well. 

Anyway, please, let's see those bloody tax returns, Bernie. We don't want Neo-liberal Dems and Republicans to run away with their false narratives about how the NRA tends to fund your Congressional campaigns and private life *major eye roll engaged*


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