Don't have much time to write extra stuff these days...

...College is keeping me busy.

Just started an online course, 'Fundamentals Of Speech' for three credits this summer (only six weeks). 'Introduction to Theater' for an extra three credits also starts tomorrow as well. Will study those two until July 9th. Then, I will focus on the remedial maths' course (#ShitAtMaths) that will go on until Aug 23rd, after which I will have to take the Maths admission test again (LOL!).

In the meantime, I finished my first semester with a 4.0 GPA - that's because the five classes I took - English Composition, Political Science, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Philosophy have nothing to do with Maths. Got an 'A' in each. Even Philosophy! Nearly fainted when I saw the final score! I sent a rambling email to the professor and didn't hear back. Sometimes (not often) I wonder how I must come across when I email these professors. I don't think I have ever fallen in love with a subject before, but Philosophy is my soft spot. Before I started College, my husband warned me off Philosophy 'cos he thought it might be a hard subject and what if I got a crap grade etc etc. But she persisted (!) and I was very clear to the advisor that I wanted to start the first semester studying what I was interested in - please squeeze in Philosophy. He did that as an 'elective'. And so glad I had the wonderful professor Colapinto cos he was strict, but witty and so very patient with everyone. And incredibly passionate about the subject. I am majorly in love with PHI to the point that I am seriously considering doing a double major: Criminal Justice and Philosophy. I do not think I can stop reading Philosophy and discussing it, and writing about it, and thinking about Kant. Oh how I intensely thought about Kant this semester. I have always been a Kant(Ian) though I never knew before. Descartes and his odd thought experiments made me giggle (didn't he have anything else to do but tricking himself into believing that he had no arms, legs and so forth in a quest to prove that he was a person because he perceived?!). Or how about Alan Turing and his belief that, one day, computers would think like humans?! Or Marx's theories of alienation from labor and contemporary are they still?!! I could go on and on and on and on, but I have to go back to prepping my Intro Speech for one of the summer classes.

Wait. I need to mention the other professors who made this semester inspirational and exciting. The English professor, in particular - such a blend of passion and no-bullshit bluntness; and knowledge, benevolence as well as an intensely contagious sense of humoUr. I wish he'd get out to protests and political rallies more often so I could continue to bask in his (political) knowledge and wisdom; perhaps pick his political brain a bit more. But alas, I think he's too busy. I felt I did not ask enough questions while I had a chance. And I did ask a lot of questions - just not enough.

All in all, however, I do not want to stop THINKING. I am considering taking 18 credits in Fall (the extra 3 being another Philosophy class that's not a requirement...UGH). We'll see.


Mrs PP


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