tough, but I passed with 85% (B+)

With an eye over to Christmas and one back to the rest of 2019, I cannot believe I got this far this year. Three semesters in college, accrued 36 credits in one year and I should soon find out if this autumn semester was also a festival of As.

Summer was spent attending an intensive maths remedial class, four days a week, no was a slog. My husband could not believe I'd do it that way instead of taking a 4-credit maths class during the semester. No, I am strategic. It's all about keeping that GPA clean. So, final overall result for maths: B+ (85%). Maths is like going on a bike -- you either keep that brain supple constantly supplying it with cubic equations, variables or tracing those (-8, -2) cartesian coordinates or it will forget how to apply its logic. I used to think I was shit at maths. I was just out of practice.

Starting the real path to a different future. I'm diving into Philosophy from spring. That's going to be my major. And either Theater Arts or Criminology will be my minor. school. White collar and corporate crime, you will be delighted to be dealing with me. Southern District of Manhattan -- I have got my eye on you.




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