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Some thoughts on Singer's Animal Liberation essay, "All Animals are equal" (Ethical Theory class)

Singer’s essay outlines the role of suffering and the capacity to feel pain as the one thing that all beings have in common. But not only. Human beings’ necessity to avoid suffering is so fundamental that they have laws against causing suffering to their fellow creatures. If we can understand this very basic connection between humans and animals (our shared capacity for suffering), we should also understand that animals should not end up on our plate as food, in our wardrobe as an item of clothing, as entertainment or medical experiment tools. But let’s focus on animals as food for now. Singer makes a great list of arguments to illustrate the type of resistance humans put up in order to avoid changing their ways: they priorities to please their palates. He hits the nail on the head when he states that “in order to have meat on the table for a price we can afford, our society tolerates methods of meat production that confine sentient animals in cramped, unsuitable conditions for th