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Biden is going to win (Trump is a sore loser)

That is all I have to say. Sick of this shit and sick of all the dumb, disgraceful Trumpanzees in this country. Slowly going back to work doing background and trying to get booked on Succession, my favorite show in a long time. I have very limited time off which I focus on shows that I am into.  First time I got booked on Succession, ended up sitting in front of my favorite character: Kendall Roy!  Oh and I have a 4.0 GPA at College. Can't wait to graduate next year. I'll be that unbearable Philosophy major that you'll despise picking an argument with. On the way home from a shoot (Still Life) -- brilliant make-up job to the pro who did it!! Then, it is law school where I will be even more unbearable to the bland lukewarm tap water drops out there.  Prosecuting older men behaving badly will be my specialty (white collar crime). Short and spicy catch-up. Finally, I visited the Statue of Liberty... Cheers. PP