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Trump is upset that the DOJ did not investigate Obama for this...

...not investigating the Russian threat prior to the 2016 elections. These two...never got a room. LET'S CORRECT THE RECORD. President Obama did just what Big Foot is accusing him of not doing. Here's HOW . Here's a segment from the article on Slate: "Barack Obama deserves blame for deciding not to go forward with an aggressive response to Russia on his own—and honestly, for believing there was any chance in the first place that McConnell would have any interest in undermining foreign support for the Republican presidential candidate. But Mitch McConnell also deserves a lot of blame for being a craven hack who didn’t defend his country when he had the chance. One might even argue that what he did was unpatriotic, and that it should disqualify him from continuing to serve as one of the government’s most powerful figures." And here's my retweet of Big Foot's tweet about this earlier. About Obama and McConnell talking about this - I wasn't

Snowden the movie - absolutely not what I expected

When you have been following a certain story closely, you may tend to believe you know all there is to know on a certain topic. That's arrogant. Yet, human. So, when I left the movie theater earlier this evening, I was shocked to discover that... I'd actually learned several new details on Edward Snowden! Edward Snowden and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - now one and the same! Based on the real life of the NSA whistleblower, the movie provides details into Snowden's professional and private life that have never been accessible before. Why? Because Snowden has always and only been all about the issues: the US government is spying on us in a way that it is just not Constitutional. And that's putting it mildly. Well, look what we found out there - Snowden and then NSA Director, Michael Hayden - not the best of mates The movie is also not strictly a fictional piece 'based on a true story'. In fact, it weaves a dramatized version of the truth with the harsh real

Donald J Trump and those 'Russian hackers' isn't the focus and the public is being manipulated

Russian hackers' hands jumped on those keyboards as soon as Trump said 'jump'...what did Trump promise them? Exposure on the US media. WHAT?! I first heard Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook talk about 'Russian hackers' delivering the DNC emails to the public in order to aid the Trump campaign last week. Then the Obama administration jumped onto it and the media is now covering it like it is reality. Then, Trump held a press conference to defend himself from those allegations and now, he is the bad guy. Obama - jumped on the Mook's 'Russian hackers' bandwagon The truth as I see it - NOBODY has come out to confirm that 'Russian hackers', indeed, infiltrated the DNC email server. Yet. But everyone - Clinton campaign, Obama administration, the media and their dog - is peddling this story like they all have evidence. This is done to deflect from the real threat - the DNC emails content - it caused the DNC's CFO to

Barack Obama and Jerry Seinfeld: 2 - 0

President Obama has great comedic timing. He has proved it on several occasions, including this year's White House Correspondents Dinner, on Marc Maron's 'WTF' podcast and on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. His sense of humour has been known to have caused me to shatter a couple of windows on occasion. Probably the funniest of Seinfeld's eps in this web series... I am so in awe of President Obama's authentic attitude and classy stance that, had he been more lenient on all the whistle blowers that have been prosecuted during his term, I'd definitely describe him as the most outstanding president of the USA since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Watch him get cheeky with Jerry Seinfeld right here: VIEW THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE . Happy New Year again - may 2016 bring you all lots of laughter. Mrs Pee Pee xoxo

Trump changes tune over wages after Sanders broadside - who's the real leader?

"Wages are too high," said delusional presidential candidate, Donald Trump a few months ago. Was he referring to the $7.25 per hour minimum wage, perhaps? Sounds familiar? However, he appears to have had a change of heart (hear the sound of that stampede? That's people rushing to find out whether he actually has one). This occurred after Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders called him out on his delusional statement(s).  Adolf Hitler - another fan of ethnic cleansing.  You can read more about Trump's change of heart HERE . Not that it matters much since, if you are of a sane disposition, you are not part of the 30% Republicans who believe this man to be a worthy candidate for the US presidency. If anything, reading this piece will highlight to you the notion that true leaders are those who do not shout or coerce others to follow them (and propose to keep a database of certain nationals like, for example, Hitler did with the Jews just a fe