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James Corden - how far can a candy bar thief go?

+ The Late Late Show on CBS debuted a totally different just last night. Until he got the chocolate bar that fell off Chelsea Handlers' hands, you had no idea who this guy was. From the kind of response one of my Facebook updates received earlier today (" I have just watched a short excerpt of the James Corden Late Late Show. Is it just me or is James Corden a bit of a wet fart? Also, who is James Corden?"), I had resigned myself to the fact that if 90% of my dirty Brit mates thought that James Corden was an 'embarrassment', an absolute 'bell end', a talentless rotund 'wanker', an overrated 'tit', a total 'tool' and utter 'shit', I would most probably feel the same. Once upon a time, there was a road named after James Corden. In High Wycombe. So, when I chose to watch the show in order to find extra ammunition to mock it, I ended up feeling like a bit of a knob myself as I was swept up by the party a