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Falling in love is fun!

Whether it is with your own spouse all over again or someone new, falling in love is fun. Love hearing stories of friends and whoever else will share theirs. Wait. I may be married, but I fell in love with Bernie Sanders in 2015. What can I say - I have a soft spot for strong, witty, passionate and dangerously benevolent Lefties with integrity (I'd add modern Marxists in there)...bullshit artists, there are many. Dweller in the White House, anyone? Cheers. Mrs PP

Busy with College, work, family, theatre and background work, and now...Bernie is back!

Things are going to get busier with Bernie Sanders back in the race. But if anything, there is a section of the population that holds a beacon of hope for decency, generosity and fairness to make a comeback in politics. #NotMeUs Brooke holds her press pass... Yesterday's rally in Brooklyn College was attended by over 13,000 supporters. I was asked to volunteer, but I could not get to the heart of Brooklyn by 8am (too much College work these days). I went over to meet up with Jessie in Williamsburg, finally saw her little angel face, Astro (Frenchie scrunch face) and then we headed over to the rally in a Car2Go! Fantastic invention. Bernie is still pissed cos the struggle continues... There, we met Hector, then Arlene (UWS MoveOn activist with whom I'd campaigned for both Bernie and Zephyr Teachout in Manhattan) and a friend of hers joined us in line. Walking into the outside venue was like going to a high school reunion. Here's a video of me, Jessie and Hec

Dear pissed off high school kids - you're fucking awesome!

I have just come across this article in Wonkette and I nearly popped a vein I laughed so hard. Fucking brilliant I have the Rachel Maddow Show in the background and I have just heard her say that the high schoolers who have commented on the school shooting and the gun control policy change that's needed have been some of the most eloquent people that she's ever heard. Rachel Maddow? Jesus Christ, that's such a solid compliment. I feel the same. The kids that have been interviewed by the various tv stations during today's protests do put some of my music industry friends and peers to shame. Same goes for those who prepared and delivered speeches today and in the last couple of days. If anything, these kids will grow to become adults who will make some sound decisions within politics and for that, the future looks brighter than it's done in a while. The future... So exciting. Mrs PP Head

Is this the age of Enlightenment?

While so many people believe 'Enlightenment' to be a moment of happiness as you reach wisdom while unicorns fly around spitting confetti and glitter, I am confident that intrinsically, it isn't a positive experience. Can you believe this guy was born into a life of privilege (and he gave it up?!) Remember Buddha left his life of privilege when he reached Enlightenment as he understood the meaning of existence - pain and suffering - to pursue a life of humility in order to inspire and educate others. Remember any of the realisations you have ever had in your life about whoever you gave a shit about that you thought was a good friend / partner / relative and instead turned out to be a coward / psychopath / asshole? It's not pleasant. Sometimes, when the penny drops, it feels more like a rock than a small coin. We're all going through the age of Enlightenment now - whether energized by the verbal diarrhea of the P.O.T.U.S. (Piece Of Turd Unhinged Shithead) in

Democrats, Socialists and populists sweep the elections...

... #FuckTrump has never been so real. He is on his way down, once and for all. Watch this space. The Man Who Should Have Been President inspired it all From The Intercept : "A civil rights attorney who delights in suing the police is the new district attorney in Philadelphia. A democratic socialist shocked an incumbent Republican in Virginia. A black woman who prosecuted a white cop for shooting a black teen was re-elected as prosecutor. Three months after Charlottesville, a black lieutenant governor was elected in Virginia. A trans woman who focused on traffic problems knocked out a longtime culture warrior who focused on bathrooms. A criminal justice reformer flipped the Washington state Senate to Democrats. A wet bag of mulch beat a race-baiting lobbyist in Virginia by a stunning nine points. Maine voters expanded Medicaid. Long-held Republican seats in Georgia flipped in a special election. New Jersey, finished with Chris Christie, elected a Democrat in a landslide.&q

Donna Brazile is not lying to us

Donna Brazile - a brand new Democratic badass Once feared and revered as one of the most demanding bosses within the Democratic Party, Donna Brazile now finds herself forced to fight the very institution she was once a part of. Her recent explosive revelations of a questionable relationship between the Clinton campaign and the DNC have rocked the foundation of the Democratic establishment. When Donna Brazile managed the 2000‘s Al Gore / Lieberman presidential campaign, people were afraid of her. A close relative of mine, who was, then, an intern for Senator Chuck Schumer, was warned that she was a demanding boss and that nobody in their right minds would ever dream of getting on the wrong side of her . I doubt that Ms Brazile’s character and resolve have softened with age. It is the attitude towards her from the Democratic establishment that has severely changed. The reason? Her book’s excerpt entitled ‘Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC’ recently published

From classical and heavy metal music to local and national politics - no rest for the wan...wicked!

Been busy on various fronts - from politics to music, it's been a frantic, but exciting couple of months. Do you want to $upport this guy? Details at the end of this page... #KeithEllison4DNCChair Been producing two videos for a classical music event called The Baldwin Festival. Based on the shockingly inspiring sermon done by the Pope at Madison Square Garden in 2015, the whole composition called 'A Great Light' is a collaboration between composer Martin Sedek and conductor Douglas Sheldon. A truly beautiful masterpiece. I'll upload as soon as I'm given the go-ahead.  Produced a short video teaser for the Avenged Sevenfold's pop-up store in London (with limited resources). Here it is:  After the shocking upset of Trump's win (!), I went back into edit for what I expected to be slight amendments to the beginning of the documentary about the Bernie Sanders' grassroots campaign, 'The In-Team NYC'. I ended up changing more than the intr

Why has Trump pissed off a million women? About the #WomensMarch

Earlier on Facebook, I came across a post by my friend, Gwen who was wondering  something about President Trump. Three days after his Inauguration and two days after the #WomensMarch that attracted two million people in the US alone and over one million in countries such as the United Kingdom , the whole of Scandinavia ( Norway , Sweden , Denmark ), Italy , Germany , France  while  outside of Europe, in Asia, Australia and even Antarctica . Women's march in Washington DC on Saturday - not one person needed to be photoshopped or paid to attend Here are Gwen's questions:- " I really don't know what Trump did to piss off a million women. What has he done or what part of his agenda should I be concerned about as a woman?  Which decisions don't reflect the will of the people? What has he said that's divisive?"  While she did not vote for Trump in the primaries, Gwen is not the only Republican who's wondering about all this. And though I am very awar

Chuck Schumer suddenly sounds COOL - how is that possible?!

While some members of the Left are still getting all indignant about what media we should / shouldn't watch / read / listen to and are still holding grudges against more established Dem politicians, Bernie Sanders is working his way through the Bag of Dicks (Dem) Party. As in, he is working to CHANGE IT, to make it MORE VIABLE for / more IN TUNE with the middle and working class(es) 'cos let's be honest, so far, the Dem Party has acted like a detached bag of dicks.  When I see Chuck Schumer on the Rachel Maddow Show being all fired up about opposing Trump an d 'holding his feet to the fire' with regards to anything he said during his campaign (his promises to benefit the middle / working class), I see Bernie WORKING TO CHANGE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. When I hear Senator Schumer use an expression like 'we'll hold his feet to the fire' several times, I hear Bernie Sanders WORKING TO CHANGE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. When I hear Sen. Schumer talk about

I met Oprah - who wants to touch me?

30 Rock 's fictional character, Liz Lemon asks that very question to her office colleagues when she returns to NYC in episode two of Season Three, 'Believe In The Stars' (she'd met Oprah on a plane while travelling the previous week). Today, I feel the same way. Why? Because five minutes after I got to the Hospitality area of the New York Film Festival following the first screening of Ava DuVernay 's heart-stopping documentary, '13th' , Oprah Winfrey walked into the room. "Hello everybody!" Gracing the four walls of the Alice Tully Hall's Green Room with her spunky presence,  Oprah addressed the whole room. Everyone inside it instantly felt grateful for something they couldn't quite pinpoint. Her friends said hello back, while the rest of us did our best to act like staring at wallpaper held the secret to the meaning of life. "Good god, Lemon" I can just hear an invisible Jack Donaghy reverberate into my skull chamber.