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Busy with College, work, family, theatre and background work, and now...Bernie is back!

Things are going to get busier with Bernie Sanders back in the race. But if anything, there is a section of the population that holds a beacon of hope for decency, generosity and fairness to make a comeback in politics. #NotMeUs Brooke holds her press pass... Yesterday's rally in Brooklyn College was attended by over 13,000 supporters. I was asked to volunteer, but I could not get to the heart of Brooklyn by 8am (too much College work these days). I went over to meet up with Jessie in Williamsburg, finally saw her little angel face, Astro (Frenchie scrunch face) and then we headed over to the rally in a Car2Go! Fantastic invention. Bernie is still pissed cos the struggle continues... There, we met Hector, then Arlene (UWS MoveOn activist with whom I'd campaigned for both Bernie and Zephyr Teachout in Manhattan) and a friend of hers joined us in line. Walking into the outside venue was like going to a high school reunion. Here's a video of me, Jessie and Hec