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FBI and NSA Directors confirm that 'President' Trump is full of shit

FBI Director, James Comey and NSA Director, Mike Rogers recently confirmed in the current Congressional Hearing that President Trump's claims about Obama wire-tapping Trump Tower in three different 'tweets' were unfounded. This is so embarrassing on so many levels, least of them - they were communicated publicly on Twitter. And now, what?! On a different topic, that of 'leaks', I'd have to say that Congressman Trey Gowdy is barking up the wrong tree. The 'leaks' against Michael Flynn may have not been strictly following legal guidelines, however, they were in the public interest and he was fired by President Trump. So...whatever. Can't wait to hear what can be done about the President's lies in connection with the previous President. Mrs PP

Snowden the movie - absolutely not what I expected

When you have been following a certain story closely, you may tend to believe you know all there is to know on a certain topic. That's arrogant. Yet, human. So, when I left the movie theater earlier this evening, I was shocked to discover that... I'd actually learned several new details on Edward Snowden! Edward Snowden and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - now one and the same! Based on the real life of the NSA whistleblower, the movie provides details into Snowden's professional and private life that have never been accessible before. Why? Because Snowden has always and only been all about the issues: the US government is spying on us in a way that it is just not Constitutional. And that's putting it mildly. Well, look what we found out there - Snowden and then NSA Director, Michael Hayden - not the best of mates The movie is also not strictly a fictional piece 'based on a true story'. In fact, it weaves a dramatized version of the truth with the harsh real

Bernie Sanders lost the FBI primary

This is a sentence that was first coined by Donald Trump, but that has been used by other mainstream journalists - for ex. Chuck Todd. Well, they like Trump on NBC and MSNBC, don't they. They have been featuring him non-stop during the primaries and then got all surprised when he won by a huge margin. Bernie Sanders was also booed by House Democrats earlier today. As THIS ARTICLE elucidates, he refused to back down, concede or endorse Clinton and he was on the receiving end of some criticism from the rest of the blue quadrupedal, ruminant mammals in Congress. Chuck Todd, above, even went insofar as to mention that Sanders was close to conceding to and endorsing Clinton. Group delusions... Mrs PP

FBI Director, James Comey's full speech - I feel Clinton's shame...

If you missed this earlier this morning, here is the full speech by FBI Director, James Comey about his investigation into Hillary Clinton's personal server and the handling of highly confidential information while she was Secretary of State.  FBI Director, James Comey - a solid man. For the purpose of clarity, the comments in brackets are my own. I will be doing my best to draw parallels between the topic of this speech and 'taking a poo in public'.  That might be the only way you'll truly understand how Hillary Clinton is current feeling as she is landing in North Carolina (on Air Force One, accompanied by President, Barack Obama).  Democratic 'presumptive' nominee, Hillary Clinton: shit happens So, here's the speech in its entirety:  "Good morning. I’m here to give you an update on the FBI’s investigation of Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail system during her time as Secretary of State. After a tremendous amount of work