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Whose side is Julian fucking Assange on these days?!

He established Wikileaks and became a hero for some of us. After the 2016 elections, however, it has been hard to understand his motivations.  After Glenn Greenwald (another one who is going off on his own tangent these days and I am finding it hard to accept his positions on the current administration) tweeted about CNN harassing an old woman who was the admin of a Trump supporting group on Facebook, Julian Assange chimed in.  This is the angle from the Alex Jones's show, Infowars stance on the same story . And I fucking lost it. I trust Greenwald and I used to trust Assange's judgments. I do not want to be associated or have anything to do with Alex Jones.  Fuck you, Julian Assange. Fuck these people. I'd love to meet Greenwald to ask him directly. Or next time I bump into Jeremy Scahill again, I'll have a question ready for him. But Julian Assange? Releasing the DNC emails on the first day of the Democratic Convention?! Not before??? Whe

Snowden the movie - absolutely not what I expected

When you have been following a certain story closely, you may tend to believe you know all there is to know on a certain topic. That's arrogant. Yet, human. So, when I left the movie theater earlier this evening, I was shocked to discover that... I'd actually learned several new details on Edward Snowden! Edward Snowden and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - now one and the same! Based on the real life of the NSA whistleblower, the movie provides details into Snowden's professional and private life that have never been accessible before. Why? Because Snowden has always and only been all about the issues: the US government is spying on us in a way that it is just not Constitutional. And that's putting it mildly. Well, look what we found out there - Snowden and then NSA Director, Michael Hayden - not the best of mates The movie is also not strictly a fictional piece 'based on a true story'. In fact, it weaves a dramatized version of the truth with the harsh real

Boldly going where few other comedy journalists have gone before - John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden

I wrote this piece about John Oliver FLYING to RUSSIA to INTERVIEW the ballsy, eloquent, unflappable and collected EDWARD SNOWDEN. Click HERE to read it. Also, if you want to understand more about why I did not use the words 'traitor' or 'whistleblower' to describe Edward Snowden, watch the following documentaries in this order: 1) FRONTLINE 'United States Of Secrets' Part I and II (they are both on Netflix, but here are two short trailers...) 2) CITIZENFOUR (recently won an Oscar and you can purchase it online, watch a trailer below). While my lighthearted side grasped exactly what John Oliver was trying to achieve with his 'dick pic' shenanigans during his interview with Edward Snowden on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, my more serious side agreed with Glenn Greenwald's piece. Read it by clicking HERE. If you have been living under a rock since Sunday night, you may want to watch the interview that John Oli