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That double speech in Cincinnati today - who am I to disagree?

Following the Cincinnati speech earlier today, I am ready to support a quadruple-ovaried ticket for the Dems in this year's election. Why? 'Cos it's in your face, gutsy and totally progressive! I'm referring to the one woman with enthusiasm and balls to erect both middle fingers in the direction of Wall Street at any available opportunity, and the one with the $600 haircut. Bad dreams are made of this... The lady who is still in the running for America's next top job and was affectionately nicknamed 'Aunt Hillary' (by the man who has been in the top job for the last seven and a half years) is in dire need of a fierce Vice-President. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is still in the running for the same top job and will square off with her at the Philly Convention in July, gave her way too many public 'air butt spanks' in the last 12 months to be considered. So, enter 'Nightmare on Wall Street' (and polyzygotic twin to Bernie Sanders in all thin