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Happy New Year and a quick glimpse of this past year

Chatting with my mum, grandma, great aunt and cousin this morning reminded me of what it is like to have a strong, healthy, positive and spiritually wholesome family unit.  Shame they are in Italy, but they reminded me this morning that they and the rest of my uncles, aunts and cousins who live in Milan are looking forward to our wedding next year. They can't wait to meet my wonderful husband whom some of them have met through Skype and some by keeping in touch through Facebook. Happy 2016 wherever you all are (Getty Images) Excited about what the future brings, including my current work project and continued fun and frolics with my compassionate, witty and intelligent husband who makes me giggle everyday. Very lucky - you may all barf now. Erm... Suzi and Ame are also very healthy (as well as highly entertaining), and we can't wait to hear where his job will take us next year. In the palm of our hands! Never one to dwell on the less positive aspects of lif