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Where To Invade Next is an ode to European sensibilities and human decency

Film maker, Michael Moore holds a special place in my heart. Because he comes from Flint. I had heard a lot about Flint over the years and when my husband was invited for a job interview in that town, I jumped at the chance to accompany him. We stayed in Detroit for four days and drove around to his various job interviews (he had three at the time) in the area. We fell in love with Detroit's lack of traffic and its absence of rude citizens. He ended up not taking any of the jobs he interviewed for back then, but that's another story. We loved what we saw of Michigan. Flint, in particular, held a very special place in our heart because of its history and what we witnessed ourselves - endless streets of abandoned homes (in North Flint, in particular), where you would not want to park your car and venture out for a walk in daylight. I was left wondering how these people could live there and feel safe. It was then that my husband suggested we watch 'Roger And Me'. It w