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Bernie Sanders flyering event at Lincoln Center for Star Wars big opening night!

Notwithstanding the rain, Jack Shultz and I ventured outside and kept up with the Bernie program. Star Wars' 'The Force Awakens' had its opening night in NYC and we made it our business to spread the Bernie word to those wanna-be Jedis queuing outside the movie theater. Did the Upper West Side feel the Bern? A good 80% of people we interacted with today were either supportive of or open to Bernie's message. Here's the flyer we were giving out: And for your personal delectation, here's a short snippet of our interaction with a cute couple of ladies: Mum and millennial daughter walk past, mum accepts flyer. Two seconds later, the daughter runs back towards us. "Could I please have a Bernie Sanders flyer??? I love him!!!" Hmm... "So, let me get this right," I attempted to guess. "You're for Bernie and your mum is a Hillary fan eh?" "Oh no, my mum is not that much into politics," she responds. "But I real