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Trump is upset that the DOJ did not investigate Obama for this...

...not investigating the Russian threat prior to the 2016 elections. These two...never got a room. LET'S CORRECT THE RECORD. President Obama did just what Big Foot is accusing him of not doing. Here's HOW . Here's a segment from the article on Slate: "Barack Obama deserves blame for deciding not to go forward with an aggressive response to Russia on his own—and honestly, for believing there was any chance in the first place that McConnell would have any interest in undermining foreign support for the Republican presidential candidate. But Mitch McConnell also deserves a lot of blame for being a craven hack who didn’t defend his country when he had the chance. One might even argue that what he did was unpatriotic, and that it should disqualify him from continuing to serve as one of the government’s most powerful figures." And here's my retweet of Big Foot's tweet about this earlier. About Obama and McConnell talking about this - I wasn't

FBI and NSA Directors confirm that 'President' Trump is full of shit

FBI Director, James Comey and NSA Director, Mike Rogers recently confirmed in the current Congressional Hearing that President Trump's claims about Obama wire-tapping Trump Tower in three different 'tweets' were unfounded. This is so embarrassing on so many levels, least of them - they were communicated publicly on Twitter. And now, what?! On a different topic, that of 'leaks', I'd have to say that Congressman Trey Gowdy is barking up the wrong tree. The 'leaks' against Michael Flynn may have not been strictly following legal guidelines, however, they were in the public interest and he was fired by President Trump. So...whatever. Can't wait to hear what can be done about the President's lies in connection with the previous President. Mrs PP

An undisclosed donor to the Clinton Foundation is exposed, though none of their charitable efforts are that well known...

Image most. Unless they do a Google search.  While ABC host, George Stephanopoulos is currently dealing with the media backlash of his undisclosed Clinton Foundation $75,000 donation just today -  "I made charitable donations to the Foundation in support of the work they’re doing on global AIDS prevention and deforestation, causes I care about deeply,"  he said - a great chunk of the American people have been unable to stop thinking about the Star Wars' tagline: 'The Force Is Strong With This One'. Though, they have replaced 'Force' with 'Bullshit'.  George is the man of This Week on ABC (ABC pics) HERE IS THE FULL STORY. Look, I love the fact that Stephanopoulos called Donald Trump out on his loose relationship with the truth on his recent ABC show, This Week . And I love his two  super cute dogs that nearly caused me to start a conversation with him last week as I noticed them being walked in Central Park (with George himself being th