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I need a holiday

This looks comfy... There are two places I would love to travel to for a fabulous fun holiday with my husband: Bora Bora and Santorini... First of all, Bora Bora  (French Polynesia). I am not hot on travelling to places with tropical insects and I hear there aren't any here. I can deal with sharks swimming around the ocean for a week or two, though. Famous last words... Bora Bora... Next...Santorini in Greece. The cave hotels over there are the epitome of peace... KATIKIES HOTEL THE PERIVOLAS ART MAISONS OIA CASTLE ARIS CAVES ICONIC SANTORINI TSITOURAS COLLECTION SOPHIA SUITES Bedroom and pool in a private suite... Though, I have to admit that all these places are pretty awesome. My husband and I need to go on holiday soon.... Mrs PP