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Why are the ones who spread the best vibes the first ones to go?

As if Bernie Sanders getting shafted by his own party and Trump winning the elections on my birthday (November 9th) weren't enough to put me off 2016, I wasn't ready for the horrible news about Carrie Fisher.'s death which was followed by her lovely mum, Ms Debbie Reynolds.

It was only a couple of months ago that I'd had interacted with my eight-year-old self's hero (Princess Leia) as I escorted her and her lovely dog, Gary around the Alice Tully Hall during the New York Film Festival. Carrie Fisher was there to attend the premiere of 'Bright Lights', the documentary also featuring her mother, Debbie Reynolds and her brother, Todd Fisher (who attended the film festival, too).

Funnily enough, during the Q&A with the audience after the documentary, Todd Fisher called their mum on the phone since an audience member had just asked a question to which he believed his mother would have the right answer. It was a lovely display of harmony, showing what a tight…